Welcome to the mythological Kingdom of Bretonnia. In times long forgotten, the english game-company Games Workshop used to produce some wonderful boardgames. Now, in the time of Warhammer, these old gems of the boardgames-age are long forgotten, apart by a few guardians who remind their fellow gamers of the wonders of a world which has passed. Enter this Kingdom and find out more about these past times...



Perhaps the Crown Jewel in each gamer's collection of old Games Workshop boardgames, Talisman still attracts lots of gamers with the vast fantasy-world it creates. Don't miss this section, since it offers lots of cards and rules for download!

Chainsaw Warrior

Astonishingly, Chainsaw Warrior is a pure solitaire game. One player can take up the role of the Chainsaw Warrior, battling against the clock to save New York from being drawn through a time-rift. As a bonus, you will find additional equipment for your Chainsaw Warrior.

[Chainsaw Warrior]



In Dungeonquest 1 to 4 daring Heroes enter a Dragon's Castle, trying to escape with some of his treasure. Although nearly impossible to win, the game offers easy rules and good fun!

Heroes for Dungeonquest

Due to the success of Dungeonquest, Games Workshop released an expansion for the game, featuring new characters with special rules and equipment. A great add-on for Dungeonquest!

[Dungeonquest Heroes]



Unlike the newer versions of Bloodbowl, the old 1st edition still contained cardboard figures and not miniatures. However, figures for many different teams were included, making the buying of expansions quite unnecessary. Don't miss the Bonus-Team, the Skaven Scramblers.

Curse of the Mummys Tomb

Arcaeologist, Priest, Soldier and Private Detective have entered the ancient Tomb of the Pharao - each of them searching for the Elexir of Eternal Life. But what is this ? There are new characters!

[Mummys Tomb]

[Cosmic Encounter]

Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter is a game of interstellar conflict, with the placers taking up different races with different abilities. Featuring an easy playing-mechanism, the most interesting part of the game are the special abilities of each race and their interferance with the normal rules.

Blood Royale

Blood Royale offers an interesting mixture of political and military strategy. With the players taking dynasties of nobles in medieval Europe, not only military success counts but also good politics and contracts of marriage.

[Blood Royale]

[Fury of Dracula]

The Fury of Dracula

The Evil Count has come back, and now he tries to infest all of Europe with Vampirism. Can Dr. Van Helsing, Lord Godalming and Dr. Seward stop the Count before it is too late. A fascinating sequel to the famous book!

Rogue Trooper

Based on the famous Rogue Trooper comic books, each player takes up the role of a Trooper, trying the find out the reasons for a terrible massacre.

[Rogue Trooper]

[Kings & Things]

Kings & Things*

Chaos has engulfed the realm. All the Lords are quarreling, and they involve their poor subjects, the things, into their conflict. So get your Fairies, Killer Penguins, Master Assassins and other troops ready and join this hillarious conflict.

Judge Dredd

In the modern Urban Megacities, Law and Order is kept up by the Judges, being Policeman, Judge and Executor at the same time. Become a Judge yourself, and start hunting for Perps in Mega City One.

[Judge Dredd]

[Chaos Marauders]

Chaos Marauders

They are marching for the Empire - they are going to War ! However, everybody wants to be in the front-ranks, and long before the borders of the Empire, the Orcs already have started fighting and squabbling amongst themselves.

Railway Rivals

Being awarded the German Game of the Year Award, Railway Rivals is the UK version of David Watts' "Dampfross". Being very similar to the german version, the Games Workshop edition offers a few nice extras, like cute plastic Lokomotives.

[Railway Rivals]

[Block Mania]

Block Mania

In the grim future times of Judge Dredd, the population of the huge urban communities is living in giant city-blocks and dying for boredom. However, there is always the possibility to attack the neighbours - just for the fun of it!

Mega Mania

If two city blocks is not enough, two more blocks can join the fray, now offering up to 4 players to fight for fun!

[Mega Mania]



Cars driven on normal fuel have long been abandoned. However, some old automobilists have found some old cars and transfered them into battle-machines, and with these they have started fighting for dominace of the Battlecar-Gangs.


In this small expansion for Battlecars new rules for motorcycles and other things are included.


[Dr. Who]

Dr. Who

Based on the famous television-series, Dr. Who is on his way to save the Universe.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Some bold Heroes have entered the Wizard's Maze. Many surprising events are beaconing in the dark, and it is still unsure who will be the player who finally slays the wizard.

[Firetop Mountain]

[Warrior Knights]

Warrior Knights

After the King died, the Kingdom is falling into turmoil. The Lords of the Realm have started fighting amongst each other, trying to win the Crown and rulership over the realm.

Super Power

The modern industrialized nations are quarreling on sharing up the states of the 3rd eorld amongst them. A game of modern imperialism and political intrigue.

[Super Power]

[Dragon Masters]

Dragon Masters

Quarrel has broken out amongst the High Elves, and so they have started conquest against each other. To win the game, players must find allies and other resources, allowing them to get an edge on their opponents.

[Warhammer Quest]

Being a real masterpiece of the time after the boardgames, Warhammer Quest once again tried to lead the players back to a standard boardgame. Each player takes up the role of a hero, embarking into this dungeon on a quest for glory. Clever rules, expansions and many nice features make this game a gem of Games Workshop's treasury.

[Dark Future]

Released much after Battlecars, the GW staff has taken up the ideas offered by the famous Mad Max movie and have taken them into a tabletop-wargame. Equip your highspeed-killing machines with the best armour available, and off you go among the old abandoned highways.


Man O'War

Being another game already from Games Workshop's tabletop era, Man O'War leaves the more classical branch of fanatsy battles on land and takes these to the seas. With dozens of different ships available for the different Warhammer races, Man O'War offered a very interesting alternative to the standard-wargames.


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