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Games Workshop 1988

"The USA today is a proud nation of sweeping plains and rolling sandy deserts, around the perimeter of which cluster gleaming skyscraper cities...

In the vast tracts of lawlessness outside the Policed Zones of the great cities, motorised gangs reign supreme. They terrorise the scattered communities along the interstates, and war constantly among themselves for territory and prestige. The roads have become a battle zone, where the slow and the weak soon die.

Against those gangs stand the Sanctioned Operatives, a new breed of law enforcer. They are a blend of bounty hunter, hired gun and old-style fighter pilot.

This auction contains everything you need to recreate savage highway battles between grim "Mad Max Style" bounty hunters and marauding outlaw gangs in the nightmare world of Dark Future. The Sanctioned Operatives are equipped with the fastest cars and deadliest weapons money can buy. The outlaw gangs are the desperados, criminals and rebels of a dark new world; their bikes and cars are like their drivers - tough, rugged and uncompromising.

The detailed clip-together car kits come with a deadly array of interchangeable high-tech weaponry. With heavy lasers and machine guns, grenade launchers and missile pods, the cars of Dark Future are the last word in high-performance combat vehiccles. And the fast, simple, but flexible game system puts you right in the driving seat.

As a Sanctioned Operative you'll find yourself at the wheel of a sleek and stylish G-Mek Interceptor with sophisticated computer contol systems. As an outlaw you will lead a pack of highly manoeuvrable bikes, and reliable, no-nonsense Renegades. Your battle grounds are the blasted highways of America's wastelands, created by colourful playing boards with limitless configurations.

Dark Future captures the feel of real driving. In this fast-paced game only your skill can stop your gleaming two ton death machine turning into a blazing turbo-charged coffin. Whether it's a furious dogfight, a cunning pursuit, or a lethal head on intercept, no two games are ever the same.

If you liked Battlecars, you will LOVE this game..."

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