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Castle Board

Standing as an island of civilization in the Middle of the raging war for the Crown of Command, the Castle of King Falladir succeeds in holding its place in the world of Talisman. Being only King of a minor kingdom, King Falladirīs powers do not reach far. The vicinity of his Castle, however, offers players hope to find some assistance in their Quest for the Crown.

The Castle of King Falladir is designed to replace the Castle-Space in the Middle Region. When a player lands on the Castle-Space, he now has to treat it as an empty space and must do an Adventure card. In his next turn, however, the player may - IF HIS CHARACTER IS OF HUMAN APPEARANCE - opt to enter the Courtyard of the Royal Castle and draw a Castle-Card there. If he remains in the Castle, he may - on his next turn - visit one of the four buildings in the Castle: Royal Hall, Wizardīs Tower, Chapel or Guardhouse.

For the duration of the stay in the Castle, players may only move one space per turn. This means that they will always have to return to the Courtyard (and draw a card there) before they may enter another building. If a player wants to leave, he must be in the Courtyard and there he rolls a die as normal, starting to count on the Castle-Space on the main-board.

However, apart from the standard functions each building also features a special QUEST. When a player enters a building in the Castle he may, instead of performing the usual functions of the building, take the corresponding Quest-Card (provided the Quest is available !).

An important rule concerning Quests is that a player may only solve one Quest. This means that a player may only get the benefits from one Quest. Neither is a player allowed to have several Quest Cards at the same time. He may only be trying one Quest at any given moment.

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