The Tomb of the Kulk-Lord

Something happens in the Deep!

The rumors are spreading fast! Some bold adventurers have visited the Dungeon, but instead of finding the fabled Door to the Crown of Command they have broken through a wall leading even deeper into the bowels of the Earth...

No doubt, they have found the death-trapped Deeper Dungeon, tomb of the elditch Kulk-Lord. But what will be discovered? Is the Kulk-Lord still haunting these dark corridors? Are his unmeasurable treasures real of fiction? No doubt, we all will listen well in the weeks to come for any news from that uncanny realm - the voyage has just begun...

If you want to find out more, two new Adventurers - the beautiful but deadly Adventuress and the daring Young Paladin - will slowly unearth the secrets of the Deeper Dungeon. So, in the weeks to come, stay tuned to Kulkmann's Gamebox and you will witness the Deeper Dungeon unfold its horrors...

(Beware: as always, I am short on time, but I hope to make some progress with the creation of the Deeper Dungeon as preliminary works like the collection of graphics and the creation of a basic room concept have finished...) Meet you in the depth !

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Copyright © 2006 Frank Schulte-Kulkmann, Essen, Germany