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Date: 17 June 1993

From: Nicholas.J.Sauer@att.com

This is a list of components in the 2nd Edition TALISMAN game and all its expansions. Thanks to Dave Katleman, katleman@corp.sun.com, for the TALISMAN DRAGON listing.

TALISMAN Game Components







TALISMAN Game Components

These are components for the original game; you need this to play at all.

CHARACTER CARDS(14): Assassin, Druid, Dwarf, Elf, Ghoul, Minstrel, Monk, Priest, Prophetess, Sorceress, Thief, Troll, Warrior, Wizard.

SPELL CARDS(24): Acquisition, Alchemy, Counterspell(2), Destroy Magic, Destruction(2), Divination, Healing(2), Hex, Immobility(2), Invisibility, Mesmerism, Nullify, Preservation, Psionic Blast(2), Random(2), Teleport(2), Temporal Warp.

ADVENTURE CARDS(104): Event(14): Angel, Blizzard, Book of Spells, Cursed by Hag, Devil, Evil Darkness, Imp, Magical Vortex, Market Day, Mephistopheles, Pestilence, Poltergeist, Raiders, Storm. Enemy: Animal(6): Ape, Bear, Boar(2), Lion, Wolf. Enemy: Monster(10): Bandit(2), Giant, Goblin(2), Hobgoblin(2), Ogre(2), Serpent. Enemy: Dragon(3): Dragon(3). Enemy: Spirit(5): Demon, Ghost(2), Spectre, Wraith. Stranger(9): Enchanter, Fairy, Healer, Hermit, Mage, Phantom, Siren,Sorcerer, Witch. Object(25): Armour, Axe, Bag of Gold(13), Helmet, Mule, Raft, Shield, Sword(2), Two bags of Gold(3), Water Bottle. Magic Object(13): Amulet, Cross, Holy Grail, Holy Lance, Magic Belt, Orb of Knowledge, Potion of Strength, Ring, Runesword, Solomon's Crown, Talisman(2), Wand. Follower(10): Alchemist, Gnome, Guide(2), Maiden, Mercinary, Pixie, Prince, Princess, Unicorn. Place(9): Cave, Fountain of Wisdom, Magic Portal, Magic Stream, Market, Marsh, Maze, Pool of Life, Shrine.

PURCHASE CARDS(28): Armour(4), Axe(4), Helmet(4), Mule(4), Raft, Shield(4), Sword(3), Waterbottle(4).

MISCELLANEOUS: Main Board, Talisman Cards(4), Toad Cards(4), Alignment Change Cards(4), Stands(6), Counters(40 Strength, 40 Craft, 40 Gold, 20 Life), Rule Book.


CHARACTER CARDS(14): Amazon, Barbarian, Gladiator, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Knight, Leprechaun, Merchant, Necromancer, Philosopher, Pilgrim, Ranger, Rogue, Satyr.

SPELL CARDS(6): Barrier, Brainwave, Displacement, Metamorph, Mind Steal, Slow Motion.

ADVENTURE CARDS(36): Event(6): Astral Conjunction, Earthquake, Halloween, Patrol, Taxation, Volcano. Enemy: Animal(1): Giant Lizard. Enemy: Monster(5): Berserker, Doppleganger, Gargoyle, Goblin, Golem. Enemy: Spirit(3): Banshee, Lich, Shade. Stranger(8): Centaur, Cyclops, Demigod, Judge, Magician, Outlaw, Pegasus, Sphinx. Object(6): Bag of Gold(3), Casket, Map, Shovel. Magic Object(2): Rod of Ruin, Winged Boots. Follower(2): Champion, Genie. Place (3): Arena, Idol, Secret Door.


CHARACTER CARDS(8): Centaur, Ninja, Orc, Samurai, Soldier, Warrior of Chaos, Witch Doctor, Woodsman.

SPELL CARDS(11): Finger of Death, Fireball(3), Gust of Wind, Lightening Bolt, Misdirection, Reflection, Speed, Summon Storm, Water Walking.

ADVENTURE CARDS(37): Event(4): Fool's Gold, Jester, Werewolf, Whirlwind. Enemy: Monster(4): Band of Zombies, Cave Troll, Griffon, Harpy. Enemy: Dragon(1): Chinese Dragon. Enemy: Spirit(4): Ghast, Shadow, Vampire, Vampire Bats. Stranger(3): Instructor, Leper, Pedlar. Object(10): Bag of Gold(3), Concealed Pouch, Golden Statue, Horse(2), Horse and Cart(2), Warhorse. Magic Object(5): Ancient Artifact, Bag of Carrying, Staff of Mastery, Talisman(2). Follower(5): Archer, Familiar, Man-at-Arms, Porter(2). Place(1): Tomb.

MISCELLANEOUS: Rule Sheet, Character Sheets(6), for keeping track of attributes and possessions. Alternate Ending Cards(6) Adds the alternative endings.


Adds the Dungeon board with its own adventure deck.

CHARACTER CARDS(14): Conjurer, Dark Elf, Inquisitor, Gypsy, Highlander, Martial Artist, Pirate, Saracen, Scout, Sprite, Spy, Swashbuckler, Swordsman, Zulu.

ADVENTURE CARDS(4): Place(4): Dungeon Doorway(4).

DUNGEON CARDS(36): Event(7): Cave-In, Fire, Green Mist, Magic Mirror(2), Slaver, Trap Door. Enemy: Animal(2): Giant Rat(2). Enemy: Monster(8): Crawling Slime, Giant Beetle, Giant Spider(2), Giant Worm, Goblin(2), Living Statue. Enemy: Dragon(1): Bronze Dragon. Enemy: Spirit(2): Nightmare, Phantom Hound. Stranger(1): Lone Dwarf. Object(5): Bag of Gold(2), Decree of Banishment, Torch(2). Magic Object(2): Crystal of Power, Gauntlet of Might. Follower(2): Dog, Wiseman. Place(6): Altar, Chest, Gong, Secret Passage, Snake Pit, Tunnel.

MISCELLANEOUS: Dungeon Board, Rule Sheet, Question and Answer Sheet.


Adds the Timescape board with its own adventure deck.

CHARACTER CARDS(8): Archeologist, Astronaught, Astropath, Chainsaw Warrior, Cyborg, Scientist, Space Marine, Space Pirate.

SPELL CARDS(2): Warp Gate(2).

TIMESCAPE CARDS(42): Hand of Fate(10): Dimensional Rift(4), Orks, Supernova(4), Warp Storm. Enemy: Alien(10): Astral Hound, Alien Spores, Behemoth, Star Predator(2), Sun Worm, Psychic Parasite, Space Vampire, Will o Wisp(2). Stranger(2): Omnipotent Being, Time Travelers. Object(17): Alien Artifact(4), Anti-Grav Platform, Battle Armour, Chameleon Suit, Combat-Enviro Suit, Force Shield, Gyro Compass, Jet Pack, Medikit(2), Mining Laser, Power Glove, Psi-Helmet, Warp Belt. Follower(3): Battle Droid, Star Sprites, Symbiote.

PURCHASE CARDS(12): Chain Sword, Combat-Enviro Suit(2), Gyro Compass(2), Jet Pack(2), Mining Laser(2), Power Axe, Psi-Helmet(2).

MISCELLANEOUS: Timescape Board, Timescape Data Sheets(4), Rule Book.


Adds the City board, which replaces the City location on the main board.

CHARACTER CARDS(2): Minotaur, Valkyrie.

SPECIAL CHARACTER CARDS(4): High Mage, King's Champion, Master Thief, Sheriff.

SPELL CARDS(10): Craft, Feeble Mind, Magic Shell, Mini-Vortex, Restoration, Spell Call, Spell Turning, Syphon, Temporary Change, Weakness.

ADVENTURE CARDS(7): Event(2): River Barge(2). Event: Law(2): County Patrol(2). Object(3): Broken Shield, Broken Sword, Damaged Armour.

DUNGEON CARDS(3): Object(3): Broken Helmet, Broken Shield, Broken Sword.

CITY ADVENTURE CARDS(72): Event(15): Conscription, Cutpurse, Drunken Revelry, Employment(2), Festival, Gambler, Heretic Priest, Horse Thief(2), Lost!, Market Day, Master Thief, Plague, War!. Event: Law(10): Corrupt Sheriff, Honest Deputy, Watch(8). Enemy: Animal(2): Dog Pack, Giant Fly. Enemy: Monster(7): Bravo, City Rat(2), Drunken Soldier, Militia Man, Press Gang, Thug. Enemy: Spirit(7): Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Ghoul, Gremlin, Mummy, Water Elemental. Stranger(10): Baker, Barterer, Beggar(3), Butcher, Grifter, Grumpy Wizard, Salesman, Street Sage. Object(9): Bag of Gold(4), Broken Helmet, Damaged Armour, Dog, Money Belt, Stiletto. Follower(7): Dancing Girl, Dragon Master, Druid, Errand Boy, Game Keeper, Urchin(2). Place(5): Dungeon Door(2), Library, Side Show, Wishing Well.

PURCHASE CARDS(20): Doughnuts(4), Dragon's Bones(4), Full Face Helm, Great Axe, Horse(2), Horse and Cart, Kite Shield(2), Mule(2), Plate Mail, Two-Handed Sword, Warhorse.

MISCELLANEOUS: City Board, Warrant Cards(5), Loan Cards(5), Stands(6), Rule Book.


The official board, not David Katleman's "DRAGON'S LAIR".

CHARACTER CARDS(4): Dragon Priest, Dragonrider, Dragon Slayer, Questing Kight

ADVENTURE CARDS(87): Event(12): Deadly Rivals, Dragon Dawn(2), Dragon Rage(2), Dragon Raid, Dragon Sleep(2), Electrical Storm, Shaman's Bones, Surprise Attack(2) Enemy: Monster(3): Wyvern(3) Enemy: Dragon(17): Amber Dragon, Blue Dragon, Cloud Dragon, Dragon's Lair(2), Dragon Prince(3), Emerald Dragon, Frost Dragon, Gold Dragon(2), Mountain Dragon, Red Dragon, Sea Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Storm Dragon Enemy: (3): Dragon Cultists(3) Spirit: Dragon(1): Zombie Dragon Object(6): Dragon Eggs, Dragon's Tears, Lance, Morning Star, Treasure Chest, Wyvern Staff Magic Object(32): Arcane Scroll, Book of Dragon Lore, Bracelet of Might, Crown of Domination, Dragon Amulet, Dragon Bane, Dragon Blood, Dragonhelm, Dragonscale Shirt, Dragon Skull, Dragonskull Wand, Dragon's Teeth, Dragon Venom, Dragonwing Cape, Exorcist's Blade, Golden Gauntlet, Grimnir's Axe, Healing Potion, Horn of Horror, Magic Arrow, Magic Banner, Magic Harness, Magic Helmet, Magic Mace, Magic Ring, Magic Shield, Magic Tankard, Phoenix Potion, Psionic WandRing of Command, Rod of Dragon Fire, Wand of Terror Follower(5): Dragon Rider, Dragonet, Dragonslayer, Goblin Fanatic, Storm Giant Place(8): Alter of Dread, Black Temple, Cave of Bones, Eagle's Lair, Sacrificial Stone, The Great Portal, Treasure Hoard, Wizard's Tower

MISCELLANEOUS: Dragon King, Rule Card, Stands(4)

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