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For a long time a part of the Talisman-Universe had been thought lost, available only for the few lucky gamers who bought a copy of the "White Dwarf" in the Mid-80s. But now Kulkmannīs G@mebox is proud to present in cooperation with Games Workshop the Talisman Cards and Charcters that were printed in the "White Dwarf". I think these cards are a real enrichment for Talisman and I hope you will enjoy these cards as much as I do.

My special thanks is dedicated to Games Workshop for allowing me to publish these cards.

Cards from White Dwarf No.72, 1985

"Copyright Games Workshop Ltd. 1985. All rights reserved. First published in White Dwarf No.72. Reproduced with permission."

Cards from White Dwarf No.115, 1989



Before Starting the game, all of the cards should be printed and mounted onto thin card, perhaps including photocopies of normal card-backsides. The Adventure Cards should be shuffled into the appropriate decks, while the Character-Cards and the Playing Piece Cards should be put on one side until they are needed. I advise that you always have at least one Master-Level Charcter for each player (including the Master-Level Characters from Talisman-City). Although not all of the Master-Level Charcters will come into play, it will be a lot fairer is everyone has a chance to take one.


During a game, if you draw a card which specifically offers you to take a Master-Level Character you may do so. Obviously, only one player can take any one Master-Level Character.

Take the appropriate Playing Piece Card and swap it with your old Playing Piece Card (with the exception of the Mystic, who is given his own stand); put the new Playing Piece Card in the starting location indicated on the Master-Level Character Card.

Take the Master-Level Character Card, and place it next to your original Character Card; he continues to keep the Starting Quotas and Special Abilities he already has, adding whatever new bonuses and Abilities the new Character gives him. Itīs probably easiest to take counters for any increases in Strength, Craft, and Lives and store them next to the old Character Card. The only thing about the old Character you may have to change is his Alignment; the Master-Level Characterīs Alignment takes precedence. If this causes a change, check through the Characterīs Followers, Objects etc to make sure that they can cope with this new Alignment - if not, they must be discarded (left in the space the Character occupies).

Resigning as a Master-Level Character

Most of the Master-Level Characters allow you to resign and go back to your original Character at any time; exceptions to this rule for the Talisman City Master-Level Characters are given in that Talisman City Rulebook. Of the Characters provided here, you may not resign as the Champion of Chaos; nor may the Mystic be resigned as such - however, the Spell that allows a player to call the Mystic into play will have been discarded, so rejoining the Mystic and the original Character will effectively end the Mysticīs use.

When a Character resigns, all extra Strength, Craft and Lives gained by becoming a Master-Level Character are lost. If, by resigning a Master-Level Character, another Alignment Shift is caused, check through all the other cards the Character holds to make sure they are still compatible.

Finally, all of the other rules concerning Characters are unchanged - unless specifically contradicted by any of the rules given on the Master-Level Character Cards.

"Copyright Games Workshop Ltd. 1989. All rights reserved. First published in White Dwarf No.115. Reproduced with permission."

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