"The Pyramid of Kulkencamun"

Greetings Adventurers !

The history of the World of Talisman is mostly unknown. Just a few months ago, Royal Scientists found an impressive monumentum in the Desert, built by an old and long forgotten race. The scientists were able to ban the magical wards which surrounded the Pyramid, and from hyroglyphs at the outside of it they were able to learn that this Pyramid was built as the Tomb of Pharao Kulkencamun, one of the mightiest Kings who ever lived. They opened a portal and entered the Pyramid, but this was the last thing ever seen from these Scientists. They never came back to the entrance, and itīs rumored that the Tomb of Kulkencamun is guarded by a host of terrible spirits, defending the quiet rest of the Pharao.....

Now you can enter the Pyramid yourself, on your quest for artefacts and allies which might prove valueable on the hunt for the Crown of Command. But beware, the corridors are dark and frightening creatures stalk the secret chambers !!!!


After this short introduction, I bid you welcome to my new expansion-set for Talisman. Actually, I didnīt plan to do another expansion for the next months, but many visitors of these pages asked me to do something more. So I came up with the new expansion, based on the classic Games Workshop game "Curse of the Mummys Tomb". I hope you will enjoy the new expansion !

The rules

Place the Pyramid-gameboard next to the gameboard. Then shuffle all Pyramid-Cards and place them face down on the table. Also shuffle the room-tiles for the Pyramid and pile them up face down next to the Pyramid.

The Pyramid itself is considered to be standing in the Oasis in the Middle Region. A player ending his turn in the Oasis may decline to draw cards there and instead place his Character into the starting room of the Pyramid. If a player is in the Pyramid, the great Portals of the Pyramid close behind the Player. Thus only one player at a time may be in the Pyramid.

During his turn, the player may move forward one room. If he enters a new room, he must first draw a new room-tile for this room and place it onto the Pyramid-board. Then he places his Character onto the new tile, and if it bears a number he has to draw that many Pyramid-cards that turn. If the tile the player has moved to contains an arrow, the player has to move backwards on his next turn and afterwards the tile with the arrow is removed so that the player may move forwards once again.

There exist three classes of Pyramid cards:

The cards have to be solved in the order given above, so that a player first has to outwit traps and fight enemies before he may take any objects or followers. If a player should lose against an enemy, he must try again next turn or he may decide to leave the Pyramid. A player may leave the Pyramid for a number of reasons He may be forced to do so by a trap, he may flee from an enemy or he may do so voluntarily. If a player has to leave, he must directly (not going back through the Pyramid) return to the Oasis, and he may not re-enter the Pyramid until his next visit to the Oasis. Whenever a player leaves the Pyramid, he may only take the Objects and Followers with him (unless he receives other instructions). All other cards (including slain enemies) are RETURNED to the Pyramid-deck, which is reshuffled and placed next to the Pyramid to await the next visitor. In addition, all placed room-tiles are removed from the board and returned to the pile of tiles.

An important stage in the Pyramid is the Key-Room. Here the player still has to draw a room-tile, but afterwards he must open the Portal to the Pharaoīs Tomb. He must roll under his skill on 4 dice to do so, otherwise he may once try again next turn or leave. If the player should have a "Key of Osiris" from the normal Adventure-deck, he will succeed opening the Portal on a roll below his skill on one die. But if he should fail this roll, the Key crumbles to dust and he may only try the normal opening procedure in the two following turns.

If a player succeeds to open the Portal, then he has finally entered the Tomb of Kulkencamun. He will be awarded by two items of his choice from the following list:

After he has chosen his rewards, the player leaves the Pyramid and it is prepared to await the next player.

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