"Captains and Privateers"

Hey you salty Sea-Dogs !

All hands on deck ! Okay, you landlubbers, get on deck ! The Captain wants to inform you about our next voyage. Boys, we will sail into uncharted waters this time, but we will do it in promise of great rewards ! Okay, we might have to face dangerous Sea-Demons, but I am sure that we will be rich when we come back. Who knows, we might even get to the coasts of far Cathay !

Enoght of the story. Fellow Talismaniacs, I welcome you to my newsest Talisman-Expansion, a new set centered around Sea-Travel. I have had the idea to do this expansion years ago, but I never got around to start working on it. Now I finally forced myself to take some free time and get it done. I hope you will enjoy your Sea-Voyage, and - as always - your critics are more than welcome.


The rules

The preparations for the game are easy enough. Print out all of the cards and counters belonging to this set, making sure that you print the following sheets twice: Ships, Naval Objects. Print the following cards three times: Land Ho and Ship Ahoi, Clear Skies and Hurricane. Print the counters in a sufficient amount: About 60 Rations and 10 Cargo. After you have cut everything, place the Ships, Naval Objects, Amazon Queen, Wizardīs Daughter and Counters aside and mix the rest of the cards into one big deck, the Captains Deck. Thatīs all preparation needed - now you are ready to play.

The first thing you need to start a voyage at sea is to get a ship. You can obtain a ship at the Harbour Space in the City (or the City-Space on the Mainboard if you are not using the City-Expansion). The King will gladly lend you a ship from the Royal Fleet if you give him some Gold. For this reason, chose a ship from the three available classes and pay the appropriate amount of Gold. Now you are allowed to stow 10 Rations and a full load of Cargo into the ship (Please note: These items are for free, you paid them when chosing your ship.) In addition, you are allowed to buy any Naval-Objects you want to help you on your voyage (you may buy a maximum of one object of each type). After this procedure, you are ready to lift the anchor and leave the harbour. (Note: If you use the village board, you may obtain a ship at the villageīs harbour as well, but since the Harbour is small, you may only obtain a Kogge.)

The basic turns at Sea are easy to play. Every turn you will consume a Ration, so the first thing you do is discarding one of your Rations from your ship. Afterwards you must draw a card from the Captainīs Deck and perform the instructions printed on that card. When you draw a card, you may notice that normally no priority-number is given on the cards. In the normal case you wonīt have to draw or face more than one card per turn, but if you ever should have to face more than one card, you will have to face any monsters first. After a card has been dealt with it must be dicarded (except "Wizardīs Isle" and "Amazons". These cards are removed from play after the Wizardīs Daugher or the Amazon Queen have been taken). If the Captainīs Deck is used up, the discarded cards are mixed into a new deck.

The following rules apply while you are at Sea:

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Copyright © 1999 Frank Schulte-Kulkmann, Trier, Germany