The Wilderness Set

Greetings Adventurers !

Are you still questing for a Talisman, going through far regions and encountering exotic foes ? Kulkmannīs G@mebox now is proud to present the re-visited Wilderness-Deck, ready for you to print the cards out and mix them into the adventure deck. Being part of my homepage for a long time, I found some lost files on my harddisk, allowing me a great increase of the cards in this deck!

Apart from the first, single card, which I have done myself, the credit for the design of all cards goes to Carsten Both from Germany. I just have redesigned them to GIF_files and translated them into english. Carsten is a passioned Talisman player, and he enjoys creating new cards and boards for Talisman.

The Wilderness-Deck features a new class of cards - the Plants. Many cards refer to Plans in one sense or another, but I think that the whole issue is pretty much self explaining. Important is the card "First Frost" which causes a removal of all Plant cards from the board and the possession of the players. Also important is the Torch which is a weapon against many plants. I will offer a purchase possibility at the village-board, so you should print it a few times and also add one card to the Adventure deck.

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