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Warhammer Quest is a Fantasy Boardgame which is settled before the background of Games Workshop´s Warhammer Universe. The game was produced by Games Workshop in 1995, and today it is out of print and has become somewhat of a collector´s item. If you are looking for a copy, best try Ebay.

In Warhammer Quest, the players take up the roles of different heroes, which have left their homes to search long forgotten dungeons and catacombs for fabulous treasures. In these dungeons, they can meet all different kinds of monsters which are going to make their life harder, and these must be fought with weapons, spells and artefacts. The basic game already came with a good variety of miniatures and floorplans, and the players got everything needed to start a full game. So the game included not only four heroes (Wizard, Elf, Dwarf and Barbarian), but also lots of Orcs, Goblins, Skaven, Minotaurs, Rats, Spiders and other creatures. Players who have followed Games Workshop´s history will be reminded a bit of their earlier co-production with MB, when the game HeroQuest was created. Some big differences exist however between Heroquest and Warhammer Quest. First off, the rules for Warhammer Quest are much more complex than the rules for Heroquest. Characters have more special attributes and spells, and they can chose to buy quite a few different weapons. Furthermore, in HeroQuest always one player needed to host the game as a game-master. This is not needed anymore in Warhammer Quest, since - once the players have chosen a mission and an objective from the Adventure-book - the whole game runs on a card-based random engine. All rooms and monsters are determined more or less randomly. But here the advantages of Warhammer Quest do not stop. Also provided for are rules to incorporate nearly every kind of monster available from Games Workshop into the game. So, for example, there are rules for Rat Ogres, Skaven Plague Monks, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves etc. Virtually the whole miniature range sold by Gams Workshop thus can participate in the game, and Warhammer players thus have a possibility to use miniatures they have in a totally different way. Finally, players can keep their heroes from adventure to advanture (that is, if they survive...), and rules are included for detailed voyages between the dungeons, with possibilities to visit towns and buy equipment, train, etc.

The game itself offers quite a lot of fun while playing, although the chances of dying are quite high in the first games. However, the chances of the game getting boring because of too strong heroes are very low. The rules provide for a special mechanism: The stronger the heroes, the stronger the monsters they meet. So, on 1st level, the heroes on average will meet quite easy monsters, while at higher levels they might have to meet the really tough ones like Ogres, Dragons etc. Especially the possibility to keep the heroes quite likeable, and soon players will discover that the voyages between the adventures will get as important and funny as adventuring itself.

At the time when GW produced Warhammer Quest, they also release quite a few expansions for the game. Furthermore, a series of White Dwarf Articles was published, introducing new rules and rooms. Here is a list of the Warhammer Quest items and articles which were published:

If you want to find out more about Warhammer Quest Pages in the web, you should visit Andrew Brockhouse´s Page. It is by far the best Warhammer Quest Page which can be found in the web, with lots of add-ons for the game: Rooms, cards, rules and others. For informations on the predecessor Heroquest, visit the Heroquest Resources Page. But now for my own Warhammer Quest additions...

G@mebox Special: Warhammer Quest Expansions

New Rooms

The Flames of Khazla
Spiral Stairwell / Dead End
The Sewers

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