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Into the Sewers

On entering the Sewer board section you should draw an event card, just as if it were a Dungeon Room.

The Warriors emerge in the Sewer itself, on the left hand side of the board section. They must climb out and work their way round to the exit.

To move around in the water filled sewer section of the board, you will have to imagine that it is divided into six 'squares'. It is actually fairly obvious where the lines should be, but if you are having any trouble, remember the room is six squares long by three wide. Every time a warrior enters a new square in the water, you should roll a D6. On a roll of 2-6 the Warrior may continue moving as normal. However, on a roll of 1 the Warrior has encountered something unexpected (and probably horrible and slimy) beneath the sludge. Roll a dice on the following table to find out what happens to him:

To climb out (or indeed in), a Warrior must spend an entire Warriors phase climbing. Move the Warrior from the square he is standing on in the sewer, to any adjacent square on the path (or vice versa, if the Warriors want to climb back down).

However, if the Warriors try climbing the wall from which the two pipes can be seen emerging, then there is a chance that they will be knocked down by a sudden gush of effluent rushing out the pipes. Roll a D6 for any Warrior trying to climb past the pipes. On a roll of 1-3 they manage to climb before the pipes wash them back down. However, on a roll of 4-6 they are caught by a sudden and unexpected gush of effluent, which throws them back down into the sewer. Roll immediately on the table above to see what happens as they land in the sewer.

Rules Variations

Here is a trick that you can use to add significance to any room. When you make up your initial Dungeon Deck, pick a specific room and make sure that this is shuffled in with the rest of the cards. You must reach this room before you are allowed to enter your final Objective Room and complete your Quest. You'll have to think up some background for this. For example, you might have to reach the Torture Chamber before you can complete your Quest. This could be because the dungeon denizens have taken a Bretonnian emissary prisoner, and are holding him in the Torture Chamber while their 'information retrieval technicians' go to work on him. He must be rescued so he can tell the Warriors about the fatal flaw in the Chaos Idol (their final Objective) which will allow them to destroy it.

The Dungeon Cell and Torture Chamber are perhaps the most unpleasant places to come across in any dungeon. They are grim reminders of the fate that awaits the Warriors if they should fail in their Quest. Even the most hardened adventurer cannot help but cringe at the torture instruments that litter the floor, and the stricken remains of the former agonisingly tormented victims. Any Warrior spending too long in these rooms may begin to lose hope, or then again they may be driven onwards to avenge those who suffered and died in such terrible places. To reflect this, you might decide to roll a D6 for each Warrior standing on either of these board sections in the Exploration Phase. On a roll of a 1, they are beginning to despair and must lose a single Wound as it gnaws away at their will to continue. On a 6, the desire for vengeance fills the Warrior with Strength, and they may recover a single Wound.

Stepping into the Monster's Lair is going to be dangerous. Just wandering around in the general vicinity of a monster's lair is probably going to be dangerous, so actually stepping inside... There are lots of ways that you could reflect this when you draw the Monster's Lair Dungeon card. You could just add one to the number of Monsters appearing, or you could perhaps say that any monsters encountered there will always be at maximum numbers. The Circle of Power is the focus for all the magical powers that flow through the Dungeon. It is a concentration of pure magical energy, that can be tapped for the benefit of the party, or can consume them in a sudden burst of fiery mystical power. If a spell caster is standing in this room then you could allow him to add one to the die roll for determining the strength of magic. You could say, however, that if he rolls a 6, the magical energies are beyond those that normal mortals are used to controlling, and there is a chance that any spellcasters will be overcome by the strength of the magical energy. Any Warrior who tries to cast any magic in the turn that a 6 is rolled must immediately take D6 Wounds as the magical energies start to tear at their bodies.

Who knows what horrors might lurk at the bottom of the Well of Doom? And who would dare pull the ominous looking chain that reaches down into the depths of the well? Your Warriors, no doubt! Perhaps the chain is attached to some horrific beast. Giving it a good tug is only likely to waken it, or enrage it. Soon, foul tentacles will start reaching up through the grate at the top of the well, wrapping themselves around the Warriors' ankles, pulling them to be crushed against the grate.

Then again, perhaps the chain is simply there to allow access to a secret vault. The Warriors could open the grate and climb down to the vault, finding an unguarded treasure horde!

You might decide to roll a dice if one of the Warriors wants to try the chain. On a roll of 1-3, you could have them awaken a monster. They suffer D6 Wounds with no modifiers for Toughness or armour before they manage to fight it back down into the well. On a roll of 4-6 you could have them find access to a secret vault, giving the Warrior a free Treasure card. Obviously, the chain may only be tried by the Warriors once per adventure. The Stairway leads down deeper into the heart of the dungeon. The deeper the Warriors go, the more dangerous the dungeon will become - only the toughest monsters can survive and thrive in the depths. One idea might be that every time you roll to see how many monsters turn up as a result of an Event car, add 1 to the result. This would apply to all board sections after the Stairway. If the Warriors decide to return back upstairs, then they may revert to normal.

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