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Author: Ralf Sandfuchs

Krimsus Krimskrams Kiste



One of the games KRIMSUS KRIMSKRAMS KISTE was presenting at Essen in 2003 was the new game In 80 Karten um die Welt by Ralf Sandfuchs.

This new cardgame with 110 cards is about a race around the world which is set at the end of the 19th century. Each player takes up the role of one of the competing nations, and each nation sends a special steam-powered "Walamob" (Water-Land-Mobile) on the voyage around the world.

For playing purposes the "world" is set up in a circle of 12 landscape cards which each have 4 spaces and a camp on them. These landscape cards show different types of terrain, and the first player who has succeeded in moving his "Walamob" around all 12 landscape cards will have won the game.

The movement procedure is rather easy: a player is assigned action points for the current steam level of his "Walamob", and these action points may be used for moving his playing piece or for visiting a camp were the "Walamobs" can receive some outfitting. Basically, it takes two action points to move a "Walamob" for one space, but as said the players can also visit an outfitter where their vehicle may be fit with special equipment. Thus, a vehicle may receive special movement equipment which makes it easier to move on certain types of terrain, but is may also get crew which might be helpful as well.

Furthermore, a player may also obtain some weaponry, and this comes in handsome when one of the other players is getting too much into the lead. A rightly timed Earth-Torpedo or a Rocket might slow the other down - enough to overtake him and to allow the player to take the lead himself.

Once again I was surprised on how much gaming components the Krimsus Crew were able to squeeze into the small box of a cardgame. Using 110 cards, In 80 Karten um die Welt presents a perfect little boardgame with gameboard, playing pieces, markers and - of course - a large set of playing cards. The game is quite funny to play and it recreates a good racing-atmosphere between the players. It reminded me a bit of one of those old movies about airplane or car races, and it is definatly as funny as these old films.

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