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- Alle Wege führen nach Rom -


Karen & Andreas


No. of Players:
2 - 4



G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game :

Although the first expansion of Thurn and Taxis was not exactly what you would call high rated in the reviews and statements of gamers, HANS IM GLÜCK shortly after published this second expansion. However, unlike the first expansion Alle Wege führen nach Rom (All roads lead to Rome) is integrated much deeper into the mechanisms of the original game. This expansion comes with two new rule variants. Again the first variant has its own gameboard, but the board of the basic game still remains the centre of all action. The second variant however is a minor one that expands the abilities of the bailiffs and gives the players some interesting new possibilities to tactic. Both variants can be combined and so a lot of new game situations can arise.


Letīs go somewhat deeper into the rules:
The first variant is called "Die Audienz" (the audience). On the new gameboard you can find several passages leading over the Alps towards Rome. Here five different clerics wait for five coaches that are filled at the beginning of the game with five different audience tokens (one for each of the clerics) by the players. So in each coach there are exactly as many audience tokens as there are players in the game. The way to Rome leads over the towns of the main board from the original game. The coaches are moved whenever a player ends his actual road in the original game. For each town card in the actual road without a new house the corresponding coach is moved one step towards Rome. Once a coach reaches Rome, the passengers are placed on the corresponding cleric. If there are already other passengers who have arrived with an earlier coach, they are removed from the game. At the end of the game all players with audience tokens on clerics get 1-5 victory points, depending on the value of the cleric. Thus, a player does well to try to move the coach with the audience tokens which will give him more victory points.

In the second variant that is called "Amt und Würden" (office and dignity) the players try to take the help from the bailiffs which were preferably evenly distributed. Whenever a player asks a bailiff for help, he takes the token of this bailiff. For this purpose Alle Wege führen nach Rom has 26 additional tokens of the four different bailiffs. If the last token of a bailiff type is taken, all players have to return 1-4 tokens of a different type. If a player just returns one token, he gets nothing for it. For two different tokens he may take one card, for three he gets one victory point and for four tokens he may place an additional house on the gameboard.

The second expansion of Thurn and Taxis sets a different goal than the first one, and it is in fact much more original than the first expansion Glanz und Gloria. It does not only copy the game to a new board, but really expands the original game. With additional elements which can be added to the original game, it allows the players more possibilities for tactics.

However, it must be noted that what seems to be very attractive at first glance is a little bit tricky to manage in reality. In the first variant inexperienced players are overburdened with the actions on the additional board. In this case the final result of the audience is more or less based on luck. Only if you have understood the mechanisms of the original game very well, you are in a position to control the movements on the additional board. So this is a variant which should be played by experienced players.


The second variant on the other hand really makes sense for all players. It encourages the players to ask different bailiffs for help, even if some of them are not that attractive in the specific game situation. So this variant should be a must have for all fans of Thurn and Taxis since it puts more importance on the use of the bailiffs.

In exchange for the considerable price of this set, you get two variants that work quite well, although the target groups for both variants are slightly different. In the end, with these two unequal twins which have been put into one box, short-term and long-term attractivity of Thurn und Taxis are increased alike. In my opinion this second expansion is a bit better than the first one, but most important is the fact that you can call Alle Wege führen nach Rom a real expansion and not half-baked new game like the first "expansion".

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