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Aristeia! - New Skins


Alberto Abal,
Jesús Fuster,
David Rosillo

Corvus Belli

No. of Players:

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Aristeia!, the tactical sportsgame in which two players fight with their teams against each other, has sprogged: New skins are available. Each new box contains a whole team with four characters and their minis as well as a unique deck of hand cards, tokens and explanations of the new special states. All boxes are multilingual, so we find four decks of all cards: an English, German, Spanish and a French variant.

The game remains totally the same as the base game, so I won't go in detail about the game mechanics. If you want to learn more about the game, check my former review of Aristeia! first. In this short summary, I'd like to concentrate on two of the new skins and their unique abilities.

Let's begin with the female team Human Fate. Prysm, Bixié, Dart and Eclypse are the names of our four heroes. Although the girls know how to handle a weapon, the real powers of this skin are more subtle, tactical orientated. Hidden and marked are two new states that often are the result of an attack or special action of the four women. Hidden is a state you can use to protect your own team members, because a hidden character cannot be seen by other characters (no line of sight) with the exceptation that the other character is right beside you (range 1).

Marked on the other hand is extremely dangerous for your enemies: a marked character can always be targeted, even if the character is not within Line of Sight. And the best for your team: The defender cannot cause damage with his defence roll, if he has no Line of Sight. In my opinion, the team Human Fate is not the easiest one to play, and you have to figure out the one or other complex combo to resist more direct fighter teams. So I wouldn't choose the team for newbies, but if you are familiar with the characters and know how to handle their unique techniques you can create some very powerful combos indeed.

Soldiers of Fortune is an expansion that is slightly more easy to grasp. As a result this team gives the impression to be stronger than Human Fate and most of the characters of the base game. But I am not quite sure about that. Maybe it is easier to win the games with Senor Massacre, Valkyrie, Hannibal and Laxmee at the beginning, but if you really know your team, you will also be able to beat these soldiers, if they are members of your opponent's team.

Soldiers of Fortune comes with two new states too. Focused is a state to improve your fighting abilities. Before a roll you may remove this state. On exchange your character gets another yellow die for the roll. Stunned on the other hand weakens your opponents. A stunned character cannot use switches before the state is nullified by the result of a star icon on one of the dice.

Of course you can also use the new components of both expansions to combine them with the characters from the base game or other expansions. Probably this is also necessary, if you want to have a chance in the fights of the league. I personally am satisfied enough to play the teams right out of the box. Anyway, Aristeia! remains a great game, the new expansions further extend the game depth and the replay value of the base game even further. So, no change in the evaluations!

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