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Author: Mark Sienholz

Krimsus Krimskrams Kiste



G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Welcome to Bad Hollywood. Here is the chance for all of you, who are wishing to get rid of all Terminators and presidents who save the world and all the other heroes of those Blockbusters produced in Hollywood. Because one is for sure: in the end always the good ones were the winner. As you can imagine, this was not exactly what the monsters in this world are dreaming of. And so it was not really a surprise, that - one day - the monsters started a revolution to take over the Hollywood studios and thus produce their own movies, in which the monsters become the heroes. But as a matter of fact, monsters are no better than mankind and several different leaders claimed to be better and stronger and to have the right to possess more than the others. And so a battle began between these leaders for the majority of the studios. And this is where the gameplay starts.

The game mechanism is quite simple. Every player takes the role of one of the Monster leaders. At the beginning two studios are arranged between every pair of players (if you are playing with two players there are three studios). So for example if you are three, player A has two studios to share with player B and two with player C. Every studio has a specific value and strength. The strength is given in a range, for example 20-23. The players then send monsters to fight this strength. It is important that the sum of the monster strength is exactly in the range before a player can start to take the studio over. But of course his neighbour can try so as well at the same studio from his side. So it is always a struggle between two players for one studio.

When a player is strong enough (when his monsters sum is in the range), he can try to take over the studio. This is the time the heroes come into the game. There are six different heroes, four of them having a specific colour. If one of these heroes is drawn, the monsters of the same colour are taken away. This normally stops the revolution, because the sum of the monsters is not within the range anymore. If no monster is taken away, the player can take the control over the studio. All the monsters at this studio are taken away and a new studio is drawn. There is also a very weak hero (Azubiene) who does no harm at all and a mighty and very strong hero (Lara Soft) who kills all monsters regardless of their colour. Some monsters have also the ability to give a secret look under one hero card or to destroy one of the opponentīs monsters. In the end the player with the highest value of all studios wins the game.

The design of the cards and the story is - as always by Krimsus - really funny. Sometimes it is not very logical, but who cares. Recently I read a report about the game saying it lacked in strategy and is rather long if not to say boring in the end. I must confess that some more tactical elements would do the game no harm. Perhaps it would be positive to reduce the costs for destroying. But let us see Bad Hollywood as what it is. It is not a game you would choose for the main act of a gaming evening or a game to play every second day a week. It is more something to have fun with nice friends and some beers. And this is guaranteed with all these funny relations to real movie heroes.

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