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Reiner Knizia


No. of Players:
2 - 8




G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game :

As you can see from the extremely varying rating points, Bello is a game that stresses our evaluation system to its limits. Nevertheless, it is a great fun game for young and old and for me it is one of the best games from this year's convention in Essen. Like many other card games from ADLUNG, the game comes in a compact small box and the design is simple - in this case black and white drawings - but nice and functional. ADLUNG is some kind of an expert in short, but funny games and Bello, with a game's duration of about 10 minutes, is a game for in between, for example while waiting for a delivery service. Reiner Knizia understood to combine elements of a well-known classic game with new elements to fasten the game and intensify the fun for older gamers.


Like in classic Memory, Bello is based on the principle of collecting pairs. The game can be played by 2-8 players. The fifty cards you can collect show funny black and white drawings of dogs. Nine of the dogs are quadruplicate and seven dogs are twice in the game. But beware! Some of the dogs look very similar and it is only a small detail, e.g. a sticked out tongue, that makes the difference. Now in the game, one of the players puts the cards one by one on the table and all players (also the player who puts the card) compare the cards and look for pairs. If a player thinks he found a pair, he clearly says Bello. Then the game is being stopped and he has to show the pair to the others. If this was correct, he takes the pair as his victory points. If, however, he was not correct, he has to give one of his victory cards back and this card is out of the game.


Now this would be very easy and for smaller children this probably will be enough. We older ones, however, have to face another difficulty: Whenever a pair is collected, the player who got the pair, gets an additional card with a dog and a name on it. From now on, for this player the dog on the card is no longer called Bello, but letīs say "Lexa" or "Buffy" or so. So if this player finds a pair of this dog in future, he may not call Bello but has to say the given name on his card. For all other players the dog remains Bello. It is intended that after a while all players have a lot of cards with names before them and so the games becomes a real funny dog's dinner.

With Bello, Reiner Knizia and ADLUNG demonstrate that a good game doesn't have to be complicated. With only a few variations to a famous game, they invented a new game that differs broadly from the original. The game is pure fun and even my parents liked the game so much that they ordered an own copy. Whether you like to play a variant of Memory with your children or look for a short but funny game for older ones, I would recommend you to have a look on Bello. Only fans of tactical and strategic turns I have to disappoint, because that surely is not what Bello can give you.

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