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G@mebox publisher Frank Schulte-Kulkmann writes about the game:

The game Blossoms was not only a nice find due to its cute thematic background, but actually it's a good 2-player set collection game in which the players compete to have the most beautiful flowers in their collections.

Six different types of flowers exist in the game, each of which being printed on 9 Flower cards which are all shuffled into a random drawing deck. At the beginning of the game four random cards will be placed at the four flower pots on the table, and at the beginning of each player turn a player turns over the top card of the deck, placing the card on one of the four potted flowers if there is a match. This way the flower grows in size, and the bigger the flower the more points it will score when it is harvested.

A player actually may continue revealing cards in the hope to get a nice flower to harvest, and the harvesting is a free optional action when a player stops drawing cards. However, the whole pottery has to stop as soon as the player reveals a flower card which is not present in one of the four flower pots, thus losing him his right to reveal more cards in to harvest a flower in this turn.


So, Blossoms is a push your luck game when it comes to reveal cards from the deck, but since the players have information how many cards of a flower type still are available in the deck. This way they know approximately how much luck they may need to get more cards of a specific type, but this all may still be fruitless if the luck goddess decides otherwise.

However, every good gardener knows some special tricks, and so each player possesses three special action tokens, each of which may be used once in the game. When a player plays such a token, he may chose one of four different special actions, ranging from ignoring an unfitting flower card to drawing a new hand card or even harvesting plus adding a hand card to the harvested flower. Indeed, each player possesses two random Flower cards at the beginning of the game, and so the players may have additional incentives to go for specific flowers during the first half on the game…

In the end the players will score for each harvested flower, getting most points if a flower actually had grown to an imposing size of six cards. However, it's not just the flower size that matters, but also variety. So, the variety of all flowers collected by a player also will score him victory points, and in the end the player with the greenest thumb will become the most skilled gardener.

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