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Author: Klaus Jürgen Wrede

Publisher: HANS IM GLÜCK

Awards: none



G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Carcassonne - Die Stadt is the newest variant of the original Carcassonne game. The basic mechanism is, as always, the building of the game board by placing landscape-tiles during the game as it is explained in detail in the review of the original Carcassonne.

In Carcassonne - Die Stadt the landscapes show roads, market places and residential areas. Consequently, the vassals can be placed on three different locations. Roads and market places can be completed during the game (the player with the most vassals gets the victory points and every player takes back his vassal(s)), residential areas only bring victory points at the end of the game. In comparison to the original Carcassonne the victory points are calculated slightly different and it is more valuable to wait until the road or the market is really big.

But the really new element in the game is the city wall. When the first third of the landscape-tiles is in use, the player, who causes a scoring, must play an element of the city wall at the edge of the game board. This element always must be adjacent to another city wall element. So, starting from a starting point, the city wall grows in only two directions around the game board. As a matter of fact, the city wall stops the town from growing and there must not be a single landscape-tile behind the city wall. Whenever a player places an element of the wall, he may put one of his vassals on this element. At the end of the game, this will bring him two points for every public house in the row of the city wall element and three points for every historical building.

Carcassonne - Die Stadt comes in a luxurious wooden box. The game material itself has a similar design as in the original game, but the accessories like fabric bags make the game look more valuable. Collectors will love these details a lot. However, the game play itself was a little disappointing for me. In comparison to the original game and the other variants there is nothing new to discover. The new element, the city walls, is quite nice but does not change the game drastically. I would have expected a little bit more changes of a new variant. To sum it up: Carcassonne - Die Stadt is - as any other Carcassonne game - a very clever game and I would recommend it to everyone who does not yet own a copy of Carcassonne. But for all other players there is nothing very new to discover and unless you are a real big fan there is no need to buy this variant in addition to any other Carcassonne game.

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