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Author: Ludovic Maublanc

Repos Production


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Honour amongst thieves? Forget it!

Ca$h 'n Gun$ is a game about gangsters. The players represent a gang of crooks who have robbed a bank. They are back at their hideout dividing up the loot, and trouble is brewing.

Each player takes on the role of one of six gangsters. Each gangster is handed an identity card with a sinister name like "Igor", or "Mr. Black". The gangsters also take a foam rubber gun, and eight bullet cards. One player takes on the role of the "Godfather". The Godfather's task is to guide the players through the game, and to keep it moving.

The game is played over eight rounds. During each round, five banknotes will be revealed from the deck of "loot" cards. The banknotes come in three different denominations - $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000. Once the notes are revealed, the Godfather instructs the players to select one of their eight bullet cards, and place it face down on the table. Each player plays with an identical set of bullets: five "click" bullets, two "bang" bullets, and a single "bang bang bang" bullet.


Once each player has played a bullet card, the Godfather asks each player to pick up their foam gun, and on the count of three, simultaneously point it at another player.

The godfather again counts to three. On the count of three, any players who are feeling threatened and vulnerable (i.e. they have one or more guns pointed at them), can drop out of the round. Players who drop out of the round knock over their character card, discard their bullet card face down, and take a Shame chip. Each Shame chip is a $5,000 penalty at the end of the game. Any players who were holding guns on a player who dropped out also discard their their bullet cards face down.

A showdown now takes place for the loot on offer. Any player who played a "bang bang bang" card now reveals it - their target is so stunned by the furious onslaught of bullets, they are wounded and knocked out of the current.

All remaining players now flip up their bullet cards. "Click" bullets are bluffs, and are discarded. "Bang" bullet wounds their targets, knocking those players out of the round.

A player who is wounded three times during the game is eliminated.

Any players with their character cards still standing take part in the split of the round's loot. The catch here is the split must be even amongst the players no change is given. For example, a $20000, $20000, $10000 split will not split evenly between three players, however two players would take $20,000 each. Any loot not handed out is rolled over into the next round.

At the end of the round, all characters stand up again and a new round begins. The game ends after eight rounds, when all the players have used each of their eight bullet cards. The winner is the richest surviving player.

This is a very funny game, despite the seemingly grim theme. The sight of a group of adults pointing foam guns at each other breaks down inhibitions and causes lots of laughter. Yet, despite the humorous atmosphere, there is some tactics involved in the game early leaders in the cash splits become obvious targets, who must then decide which splits to stay in, and which to fold out of (taking the $5000 penalty for being a coward!).

The game also includes two variants. The first variant is the "Super Powers", where each player's character is dealt a random special ability card. There are ten special abilities, and these are triggered during the game. For example one Super Power allows a player to seize an eliminated player's gun and to use two guns/bullets per round for the rest of the game! For those lucky enough to be at Essen in 2005, Repos Production were handing out the Silver Shotgun ability, complete with foam shotgun, that allows the player to aim between to opponents, possibly hitting both of them with the bullet card. The Super Powers greatly improve the game, and are thoroughly recommended.

The second variant is the "Cop in the Mafia". This variant sees one player secretly take the role of the undercover cop. The cop's job is to call for reinforcements three times during the game, and if successful, wins the game on his own. To call for reinforcements, a telephone card is passed around under the table amongst the players still in the round. The cop player is the only player who may flip it face up to its "ringing" side. After the pass is completed, the phone card is placed back on the table, revealing if the phone is ringing or not. If it's ringing, the cop must be one of the players who are still in this current round, and the others must try to identify and eliminate him before the reinforcements arrive - paranoia ensues!

I like Ca$h 'n Gun$. The presentation of the game, from the colourful cartoon art (made by the same artist who did the artwork in Supergang by Ludodelire years ago), to the foam rubber guns, is excellent. The rules are very clear, with lots of examples. The basic game works very well straight out of the box. The Super Powers improve on an already good game. The Cop in the Mafia variant does work, however the fast tempo of the basic game does break down as the phone card is passed around the table. If your game group is into accusations and finger pointing, you will likely enjoy the cop variant.

Ca$h 'n Gun$ is a very amusing game, and I have no hesitation recommending it.

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