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Catapult Feud

[Catapult Feud]

Kristian Fosh

Vesuvius Media

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Build your castle, fortify your troops, load your catapult, aim and shoot!

That’s all you have to know for playing Catapult Feud (Catapult Kingdoms in the KS variant). Really? Is it that easy? Yes, it is!

The game is a two player game of construction and destruction. First step is to physically build up a castle. For this each player gets a number of bricks (16) and a player board. There is no beauty contest, and there are only very few placement rules for the building process: Of course all bricks must be placed within the boarders of the player board. And all bricks must lay flat, not tilted (I made this wrong in my first game).

Next step is to place troops within the bounds of the player board again. Each player has five of them and must place them either next to the bricks or on top of them. By the way, the two castles should be placed in a distance of at least 1 meter.

[Catapult Feud]

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Finally both players get a catapult and some boulders as well as some action cards for additional actions in a turn. And then the game begins!

Alternately, the players position their catapults, aim at the opponent’s castle and fire. Of course the aim is to knock down the enemy’s troops with the first player succeeding in this winning the game. That’s all. Well, almost: a tactic card can be played before the aiming begins. This card can – for example – result in a double shot or can be a rebuild action for strengthening your castle again. But, this only slightly changes the gameplay.

So, you see, the game is easy, there is no serious or educational approach and the aim of the game is destruction, an aim that doesn’t seem to fit to our sophisticated society. You might even think that the game is dumb.

But then you begin to play. Or you see your children playing the game. And all of a sudden, it’s back: your youth, your childhood, your dreams of the age of chivalry, of princesses, castles, siege and rescue. And then you aim. And then you fire. And then you see your opponent’s troops fall down. And you think: this is great! It’s fun and it’s entertaining!

[Catapult Feud]

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It’s really as easy like this. The game material is reasonable good and the boulders are perfectly balanced. Together with the catapults it’s really a joy to aim, because the combination of boulders and catapult is rather accurate (only be sure to hold down the catapult with the other hand). Probably this game (admittedly there is not really much game in it) is not a long runner for the grown-ups, but it’s definitely a highlight for the children. And the grown-ups will like to join in from time to time (and even play the one or other game among themselves), and they will think why there was no such game in their youth already!

So, load, fire and shoot your catapults! You will enjoy it!

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