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Author: unknown

Publisher: MB 1976

Awards: none



Brian Bradford (USA) writes about the game:

2 players. This game comes with a square-gridded board and a transparent overlay which is elevated over the board. The game with 6 miniature jeeps and 6 miniature helicopters per side. Helicopters move on the transparent display, while jeeps on the board. The object of the game is to destroy all the jeeps or helicopters of the enemy.

To move two dice are rolled, one white D6 and another black D6 with 1-3 on it. The black die is used to determine how many pieces may move, the white the total movement for each piece. A player must use all movement points. Jeeps may move in any direction, but may not enter hills or lakes. Choppers may fly over these. Two pieces may not occupy the same place, that is a helicopter and jeep may not end up in the same square, even though the former is above the other. Jeeps may not jump over other jeeps, but choppers may.

Choppers kill other choppers pieces in a checker-like way, jumping over them. For jeeps he must land above it.

Jeeps kill other jeeps by entering the same space as it. Choppers are shot down by ending the move under it.

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