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Filip Milunski


No. of Players:
2 - 4



After the initial release of CV in 2013 it turned out that some players actually were missing more direct player interaction. So far every player is rolling the dice just to improve his own alter ego, but apart from the fact that purchased cards are removed from the display and become unavailable for other players no interaction can be found in the game. Designer Filip Milunski said that this was going to be changed in the new expansion CV Gossip, and so the most important element of the expansion are Gossip cards which form a new category of cards which can be found in decks for all ages. However, these cards list mostly detrimental effects, and because a player usually will not want to have such a card in his vita he will normally not purchase them. However, the Gossip cards cannot just be bought for a player's own vita, but they can actually be added to the vita of any other player, assigning the detrimental effect of that card to this specific player.

If the player wants to get rid of the effect, he has to cover it in the normal way by use of another Gossip card, and this card should have a less detrimental effect because otherwise the whole covering of a player's own Gossip card would not be helpful. However, in the end the Gossip cards will be scored for two victory points each, and so a player must decide whether he really wants to assign another player such a card because of the positive effects in the final scoring.

The other new type of cards included in CV Gossip are Fate cards. They form a special deck and two Fate cards always are available face up next to the other cards on display. The Fate cards always need either good luck or bad luck symbols to be purchased, and they usually open up unique opportunities to take some kind of special action. The ones which can be purchased for bad luck symbols can have small negative effects, but on the other hand a player can use rolled bad luck results to purchase them and possibly avoid a mishap which would have happened with 3 bad luck symbols.

Both types of cards actually blend in quite nicely with the cards and mechanisms of CV. In fact, they open up some new interesting possibilities for players to mitigate really bad luck. Of course the game would loose its sense if all bad luck would be compensated, but the players now can chose to shift some risks by the use of the Fate cards. The Gossip cards on the other hand can be used quite nicely to score off another player, but this will not get out of hand because the cards are covered in the normal way so that each player can suffer from one Gossip card at most.

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