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Thorsten Löpmann
and Andreas Wetter

Publisher: Queen Games 2001

Awards: none



G@mebox author Marco Klasmayer writes about the game:

DANGER is a simple card game, which is easy to learn and quick to play, but nevertheless it can be quite exciting. The goal of the game is to collect 4 colours of cards with values from 1 to 9 each. The cards of each collected colour are placed in a row, when a row exceeds the cumulative card value of 15, the row "explodes" and is not worth a straw anymore. Every player on turn has to draw a card and add it to his collection. Of course he must try to prevent his card collection from becoming worthless (by exploding), so he can decide once per turn to save the points of one colour collection. The points of a player are only momentarily and he is in DANGER of loosing them on the next turn. When a colour row is saved or destroyed (by the explosion), the player cannot add any cards to it, he has to discard any new card of that colour. When a player saves (or destroys) his last row and he therefore cannot place anymore cards, the final scoring takes place. Each player counts the value of the cards in front of him which are not destroyed, BUT: the row with the smallest value of the same colour collection of all players has to be discarded and counts zero points. So it can happen, that a player decides to finish the game on his turn and forces other players to loose points by this. The game is played in 5 innings, the best total score of all innings wins.

It is this small element of tactic, which enhances the otherwise pure randomly collecting of cards. There is this little poker feeling how much points could I gain with that colour, will the next card let explode my collection, should I save it before instead, how can I outsmart the other players…

Due to its small size you can take it everywhere and the rules are explained in a few minutes. The games becomes more interesting with 4 or 5 players. With 3 player the evaluation of one colour collection is often predetermined to early. With 4 or 5 players it is more likely to happen that the final scoring of an inning bears its surprises.

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