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Dog Rush


Jean Georges

Blue Orange Games

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G@mebox author Manuel Esser writes about the game:

Not long ago a well-known musician asked: who let the dogs out? And maybe it was this song that author Jean Georges Stivo inspired to create Dog Rush, the children game published by BLUE ORANGE GAMES. The background story of the game will be a well-known nuisance for lot of dog owners: you are walking your dog for example in the park or in the forest, and all of a sudden your dog runs away because he picks up the scents and begins chasing a rabbit. And as chance would have it, of course there is another master of a dog who had the same idea and her dog reacts the same way yours did yours. As a result all leashes, still in the hands of their owners, twist and get entangled. In the end nobody really knows which leash belongs to which dog.


It is precisely this problem you have to solve in Dog Rush: untangling the leashes as fast as possible, assigning them to the right dog. In Dog Rush it is not the rabbit that causes the chaos. Instead the dogs have balls they are chasing. And not only two but a lot of dogs are here that have twisted the leashes. The dog with the matching ball has to be found. This seems to be easy, but beware: neither the leashes nor the dogs nor the balls may be touched. If you think you have found the right ball, you still have to grab it before the other players to secure a bone. The first player who collects four bones wins the game and is king among the dog owners.


Dog Rush is a fast and very easy game for families with smaller children. Of course you can also play it as a filler, but it won't bother you long: it is simply to easy for that purpose. But with children it makes a lot of fun to find the right dog leash before the other players. Time is an important factor, and it's hard for the kids not to use the hands. But on the other hand it's a good practice. The game comes in a small box that's great to take along. Components are also of good quality.

So, let the hunt for the right dog leash begin!

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