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Author: Michael Schacht

Publisher: Queen Games 2001

Awards: none



G@mebox author Marco Klasmeyer writes about the game:

The goal of this little game is quite simple to explain: a financial contest for the dominion of Chicago. Every round there is an auction for the districts of Chicago, where you have to place your bid against the other players in order to gain the control over the district cards. The more cards of the same colour a "collection" consists of, the higher the score for the final result will be. The player with the highest offer gains the district cards (which can be up to 3 per auction!), the money (chips) is equally distributed among the other players. Then the next auction takes place. This sounds very simple but the clue is the rule for the amount of a bid: A player may not bid the values printed on the district cards he already owns, this also applies for the second digit for values over ten. Example: you have purchased by previous auctions districts of Chicago with the values 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8. So you are only allowed to place a bid of 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14,… This makes it more and more difficult to acquire "cheap" cards, the more districts a player already posesses. Your sequence of bidding may jump very quickly to high prices and remember: the money you spend this auction you cannot spend in the next one. A funny rule is also to pay one chip penalty, if you accidentally say a bid you are not allowed to regardless of an immediate correction.

The design of the cards and the chips is far from perfect, one migth think there is a lack of atmosphere. The Chicago cards simply hold the name of the district and its value, printed on shaded images of "maybe" Chicago in the 50ties. But nevertheless DON means a lot of fun and takes not long to play.

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