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Doodle Rush


Adam Porter

Brain Games

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Doodle Rush, the name almost says it all: A game about drawing or better doodling and a solid potion flurry of activity. Once again the idea of the new game from BRAIN GAMES is quite simple: All players draw two cards with three words each. At a command all players simultaneously begin to draw these words on special drawing boards, one drawing per card. After one minute the drawing phase ends temporarily, and all players guess what the other players have drawn. This turns out to be a very chaotic phase of the game, because on the one hand players guess any of the drawings of their fellow players, while at the same time they have to keep track on the guesses of their own drawings. In case of correct guesses the matching drawing board is given to the lucky player who guessed right.

This guessing phase also ends exactly after one minute and the next drawing round starts again. It is allowed to redraw or add scratches to the drawings that have not been guessed yet and of course players can draw the terms they have not even begun in the round before. One minute can get very short, when your terms are more complex than e.g. a shoe. But it is your choice, Doodle Rush comes with double-sided cards, one with easy and the other with hard words to draw (and guess).

Of course what follows is the next guessing round. This alternating process is repeated three times, before the game ends. The interesting thing in this aspect is that there are no pauses between the rounds. So all players must immediately begin to draw again after one minute of guesses is over and vice versa. Quite stressful I can say, but also very funny...

Doodle Rush adopts ideas of some of my favourite games in my youth. I still remember the times, when I played Images from SCHMIDT SPIELE with my family. Once, my dad was drawing clumsily and coarsely a person that looked very silly to us. You must know that my dad always drew very schematic and, as a result, guessing was quite difficult. But this person was looking so extremely foolish that I said “Idiot” without thinking. And this guess was right. A lot of laughter was the result of this lucky guess. Maybe it is this positive memory why I liked Doodle Rush from the first moment I heard about it. Yes it is simple, yes, we have already seen a lot of similar games, and yes, you do not really need the game material for playing such a game, but I had a lot of fun and Doodle Rush was a great success in my gaming groups too. And I even played the game with my parents and it felt like thirty years ago. We made the same experience as with in the last century, ended in a bursting of laughter and immediately began another round. With a game duration of only 10 minutes, Doodle Rush is a great little filler for larger groups too. Thumps up from me, I love this type of games...

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