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Even Song


No. of Players:
2 - 4



One of my most exotic finds at the SPIEL '15 convention had been the heisting game Double Mission: Beyond the Object (what a strange subtitle…) by designer Evan Song. This game has been released by DEINIKO, a publishing house coming from Korea, and since games about professional thieves are quite rare to find I spontaneouly bagged a copy. The game runs on a quite straightforward mechanism with the players spending action points to move and gain money, and they also have the possibility to start a burglary in one of the cities of the gameboard. To succeed in the burglary attempt, a dice-roll must be made, but at the beginning of the game the players only have enough dice to make an attempt at the less spectacular sites. More dice usually must be purchased, but they can also be gained if another player agrees to join in, gaining the assisting player the same amount of Victory Points if the burglary is successful.

The possibility to invite other players to assist has two main purposes. On the one hand the active player will get the token showing the stolen goods, and he may be able to cash it in at a later point for completing a special mission, and at the other hand the possibility to cooperate also can be seen as a balancing mechanism, allowing players who have fallen behind to join forces in order to catch up.

As can be seen, the game is fairly easy structured, but some additional playing depth was reached through special action cards which the players can acquire during the game. If used with a good timing, these cards can be extremely helpful to enlarge the possibilities available during a player turn, and so the players face a nice, well manageable optimization task to steal those goods which offer the best yield in terms of Mission cards or sales prices at the market.

The comic-like artwork of the game components (Character sheets, Action cards) and the themeare quite appealing, and I like the mechanism which gives you a possibility to join forces with a competitor to catch up on a player who is in the lead. This option brings some nice problems on its own, since the player who invites another to assist always will gain the swag, giving this player a possibility to gain an advantage later on, possibly even stealing one of the Objective markers which the assisting player also was keen on getting...

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