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Michele Mura


No. of Players:
3 - 5




One of the smaller games which I took home from the SPIEL 07 was the cardgame Easy School by Michele Mura . In this game, they players need to navigate their way through two semesters at school, finding different imaginative solutions to survive the exams and trying to avoid trouble with teachers or when trying to date the most-wanted Beauty of the School.

During the game, the players collect Exam cards of five different colours, with each type of cards showing a different way to cheat in the examinations. During his turn, a player may turn over cards from the random deck one by one, placing each Exam card in front of himself and thus building his own display. However, if he comes upon a Trouble card, he has to discard a card from his display, and if he continues and finds another Trouble card in the same turn he has to discard two additional cards and his turn ends.


Instead of taking cards, a player also may decide to have an examination, provided he has at least three different kinds of Exam cards in his display and no Trouble card. He then has to turn around the topmost card of the drawing pile, and if he does not find a Trouble card the examination is passed and the three Exam cards will be moved to the player's victory pile. If the player should possess four different Exam cards, he has done well and does not need to turn over a Trouble card, and if he should possess even all five different types of Exam card he may place all five cards into his victory pile plus an additional card as a bonus for his extraordinary examination grade. Sharing his knowledge with the other players, all others now may move one of the cards from their display to their victory piles as well, provided its is a card of a colour matching one of the cards used by the active player.

Trouble cards may be lost by taking a pause and handing up to one card to each other player. The other players do not place the cards into their displays, but instead they have to discard one card from their display, or, if the display is empty, the topmost card from the victory pile.

Two cards "End of Term" were included in the drawing pile, and every time such a card appears during play the players will be allowed to take one more examination before victory points are awarded. The players now count how many cards of each colour they have in their discard pile, and the more cards of a type they have the more victory points they will get. The game ends after the second term and the player with most victory points will have won.

Seeing the game presented on a table, my attention first was drawn to it because of the rather nice artwork which is not too usual for a small publisher. Sitting down curiously and starting to play, I discovered that the game bases on the same playing principles as Coloretto by ABACUSSPIELE. However, I really liked the school topic of the game and I think that is has been chosen rather fittingly spice up this nice variant game. Considering a price of seven Euros, I certainly took a copy of this small find home with me.

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