Author: Herrmann Huber

Publisher: Kosmos 1999

Awards: none



Elchfest by Herrmann Huber is a quite unique addition to Kosmos' series of two-player games, introducing a gaming concept based on skill which can be found only rarely among the more classical boardgames.

All the playing pieces needed for the game are included as wooden parts: 2 mooses, 2 riverbanks, 6 round stones. The basic situation of the game is as follows: Each player is responsible for a moose who wants to cross a river. This river is about 50 centimeters big, and the mooses are each placed at one of the riverbanks. During his turn, a player now needs to snip the round stones into play, and he must try to position these in a way allowing it to move his moose forward, leaving the riverbank and standing on the stones.

This process is repeated, and the players always must try to get more stones in front of their moose to move it forward towards the other riverbank. If an illegal move is conducted (snipping a stone of the table, hitting a moose so that it looses its footing), the player's turn is immediately over and the other player gets an additional free move. The game is won by the first player whose moose reaches the other riverbank.

Elchfest is based on a cute little idea, and it is a perfect example of how such an idea can develop into a quite funny game. Although the game is very short and the tactical elements are nearly non-existing, the game certainly offers good fun and interaction between the players. The only thing I could have wished for is that the rules could have been more precise on a point or two.

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