Author: unknown

Publisher: Klee 1993

Awards: none



Here you can see one of my favourite short-to-play games. The game is for 2 to 6 players, and these players try to find the golden statue of the God "ElDorado" in South America. At the beginning each player starts in New York and has a Capital of $ 2500 and a ticket. For this money the player may buy different equipment which might help him on his voyage: A machete to find a path through the Amazonas-Jungle, a Scout which raises the movement allowance, a Medicine-Bag to protect from poisonous animals, and a Gun against other players. When a player has bought his equiment, he leaves via plane to one of four cities on the northern coast of South America.

Now the players take turns and roll a dice, allowing them to move. Whenever a player lands on a silver treasure chip, he may turn it around if he pays $ 500. He may find gold or diamonds which he might sell for a good price, or other items like a map which will help him later. But a player may also encounter negative events like attacking animals, bandits or storms. These negative events might force the player to drop away something of his equipment in order to be saved from an even worse fate. If a player has enough money, he may buy new equiment in a city.

A player who becomes rich enough or who finds a map will leave the area of the silver treasure chips and travel to the southern half of South America. Here the golden treasure chips are distributed, and among them is the Golden Statue of ElDorado. A player in this area has to spend $ 1000 to turn a chip around, but he may also have a map which reduces this price to $ 500.

When the statue finally is discovered, the really hard part of the game begins: The player with the statue has to return to New York, which means that he has to get back to one of the 4 cities from where the players entered South America. This means that the player has to cross the area where all the other players are waiting in ambush and will try to take the statue from him. At this stage of the game a player needs to decide whether he will stay some more time and discover some more treasures which could enable him to travel by boat or plane which means higher speed, or whether he should risk a march for the north. And at last he still has to buy a ticket to get back to New York.....

I think this game is a great example for a simple but entertaining game. Especially if itīs played with 4 or more players, there will be a great competition between the players, and a very fascinating end-phase of the game is guaranteed. By the way, the picture above is not nearly as good looking as a colour-picture would be. The game has a fantastic multicoloured map and is really great to look at !

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