Author: Jean du Poel

Historien Spiele Galerie

Awards: none



"Goldrush" is a game for 2 to 10 players settled in the era of the American Goldrush. Each player starts the game at "Fort Sutter", where he can buy guns, pickaxes, shovels, washpans, knifes, mules, food etc. With their equiment the diggers leave for the claims, where they try to find gold. But not every claim contains gold: Players may have to fight bears and pumas and evade other dangers in order to find their "Bonanza". And always they have to look if they have enough food and they have to watch their back for other jealous players. The player who succeeds to return to the Fort with the most Gold wins the game.

The game brings much fun, especially if itīs played with many players who all try to get their share. Like "Mare Mediterraneum", it is HAND-MADE by Jean du Poel and it comes with a big, artificial-leather gameboard and wooden figures.

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