Author: Reiner Knizia

Hans im Glück 1996

Awards: none



This is a cardgame for 2 to 5 players. The game consist of 66 playing cards. 30 of these are diggers (6 groups of 5: Adventurers, Diggers, Ladys, Bandits, Bartenders and False-Coin-Makers). The other 36 cards are 18 gold cards (with a value of 1 to 10) and 18 cards with the Looserīs Smiley. At the beginning all these Cards are mixed. The the game begins with the first player, who turns the uppermost card of the deck. Whenever a player draws a digger card, he may decide to place one of his three gaming-chips on the group of diggers his digger belongs to. By this, he will get part of the gold of this group. If the player draws a gold card, he may place it behind one of the six groups of diggers as one of the gold-findings of this group. Each Digger-Group will take up to 6 gold-cards in this way.

Players must decide when to place one of their 3 gaming-chips. If they place it too early, other players will fill up his group with false-coin-cards. But if a player waits too long, he might not get one of the five diggers of the group he wants to participate in. When all cards are placed, each player gets the gold of the groups for which he has placed the gaming-chips. If more than one player has participated in a group, the gold is divided. The player who has the most gold after 4 rounds wins the game.

This is a nice little cardgame for people who like to risk something. It's short playing, but has some strategy in it in order to evaluate where a chip is best placed. The publisher says that the game is suitable for children from the age of 8 and above, and I can agree to this.

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