MB's "American Heritage Series"

Widely wanted as collectors items are also the games of MBīs "American Heritage Series". These are a mix of games based on historical events.


Authors: unknown

Publisher: MB 1970 - 1980

Awards: none



Brian Bradford (USA) kindly gave me a short description of the games of these series:

  • DOGFIGHT: Up to 4 players. This is a WWI game. There are 6 planes per side, which are distributed 3 each on the different bases. There is a set of cards for each base. The cards include fire cards ie/ 1,2,3,4,or 5 volleys and evasive cards such as roll left/right and loop. To begin, a player nominates a plane to fly and puts it on a stand (so it appears to be in the air) e draws five cards also, which will be used during the dogfights. To move throw 2D6; a plane travels along a square-grided map, which is nicely lithographed with trenches, tanks and planes. One die is used to travel North or south, while the other is for East or West. So if you roll a 6 and 2 you would move 6 in one direction and two in the other. You try to position yourself adjacent to the enemy. When you are adjacent you may fire by playing any volley card. For defense, a player may use a roll card to avoid being hit; this only works in side attacks. In frontal attacks both sides play a card, highest wins, ties play again until there is a winner. From rear fire is likre a side attack, but only a loop will avoid. When a player loops he moves behind his attacker and may now fire. The new defender may also loop, and so on. When you shoot a plane down you become an ace and may draw 6 cards, two kills makes you a double ace; can draw 7 cards--this is the highest level. The fun part of the game is shooting the planes on the ground, they cannot evade and are destroyed. For defense, each base has 4 AA chips; two say hit and two miss. You place these arround the base. To shoot a plane on the ground, a player must cross this, they are then revealed and handled accordingly.
  • SKIRMISH: 2 players. Hardest one in series to find. Revolutionary war is the theme. The U.S. has three armies (two militia and one continental. British have 6 armies. Each turn the British must state what army to move. The U.S. then does his move. Both roll a die in a cup provided for each, keeping the result secret. U.S. always moves first. A skirmish results when an army is adjacent to another. A card is drawn which gives the resolution. A major battle results when a player moves onto another, handled by rolling a die, adding troop strength, and dividing by 3 (I think). Oh each army has chips under it; an army can be no stronger than 5. There is a side ship game also. After a major battle in which the Americans winthe French may be called in. The U.S. tries to manuever his ship past the British into a port to disembark the troops. It has been a long time since I played the game.
  • BATTLECRY: 2 players. Simply a chesslike game with civil war pieces. Movement is done on a square-grided map of the North and South. Pieces are miniature Infantry, cavalry, and cannon. Each has special abilities for movement and killing. Battles are done by having troops adjacent to the enemy. To kill the other side you must have greater strength. An army is a large as the pieces stacked directly behind it ( in a way, which is funny a battle can start in perryville, Kentucky, but have an army which stretches into Alabama! or Indiana! The one with highest strength destroyes the rest on a attrition basis. For example, the Union have 3 inf and a cav vs 2 inf and 2 cav of the confederates; the Union has 5 pts; one for each inf and two for cav. Confed has 6 pts--the confed wins, hoping his cavalry piece over the others and taking from the board all others he hops over (total 5 inf and 2 cav) This leaves just the Confed cav on the board. Cannons do not jump, they may fire, staying where they are and destroying all others. This game is the most difficult to learn in the series, because itr is chesslike.
  • BROADSIDE: 2 players. A War of 1812 game. The Americans have 4 ships to guard and a small flotilla to do it with. The british have a large flotilla. The ships have masts on them which can be pulled off. Ships of the line have 5 masts, while sloops have only one. The number ofd masts is also the number of hits the ship can take before sinking. Movement is done by moving any ship as far as you wish along a path. You may turn before or after the move. Play is done by each side moving one ship after another. Broadsides are conducted when a ship is adjacent and has his broadside to a ship. Shots are carried out immediately by both sides, each destroying one mast. some tricks are to get in front of or behind an enemy ship so he cannot fire back, therby raking him. Another is to go in detween two ships so that you shoot at both. The Americans have about half the strength of the british, but they have mines and batteries which guard entrence to the harbor. Like DOGFIGHT two batteries say hit, the others miss. The 6 mines have 3 hit and 3 miss. These are set up in their appropriate places secretly by the Americans. When a ship crosses the firing lines (The Brithish must cross them, since there are only two entries to the port, each 3 spaces wide) the american may fire. If he travels on one of the side spaces, only an appropriate gun may fire. However, if the British travel in the center, both guns may fire. Only when a Brit chooses to move over a mine are they revealed. The object for the Bis to get into the bay and destroy all the supply ships.
  • HIT THE BEACH: 4 players. Second only to skirmish in trying to find the game. WWII pacific. Each player has a plane, ship, two marines and two army. you move a piece along a predrawn route (like candyland) Each turn a player rolls a die and moves a piece that number of spaces. To take a beach, a plane, ship, and marine are needed. To get a plane or ship up, a six must be rolled; it is then placed in the beach box. Only when both are in the box can a marine take a beach. Japs guard the beaches, but do not move. To capture a piece simply land on it by exact count. When a jap is captured the victor is able to replace it, thereby denying movement to the other players. You cannot move over a jap, and if your movement isn't equal to the distance, you cannot take him ie/ if he is 3 away, only a 1-3 which is rolled would be able to move, the 3 would capture him. Players may land on others and send them back to start. The Goal is to be the first to capture the enemy HQ.

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