The Hobbit Game


Author: unknown

American Publishing Corp.

Awards: none



Jason Cordes writes about the game:

The cover is from the Rankin Bass Cartoon where Bilbo first sees Smaug. The box is yellow and is standard monopoly box size, but double the thickness from top to bottom. Pieces are standard pawns. (round top tapered bottom).

The board is a large forest scene with five white trails with white, green and red numbered dots. The trails connect Hobbit Hill(start) to Lonely Mountain (drawing of a treasure trove, mountain and smaug) You travel one of four trails (varying degrees of difficulty) to Lonely Mountain where you get either 20, or 30 gold coins (depending on difficulty of trail). After you reach lonely mountain, you travel back to hobbit hill and do it all over again.


During your travels you may buy equipment (little cardboard pieces) that affect your interaction with the "adventure" and "creature" cards. Equipment you can buy(listed on board with cost menu):

  • Ring
  • Sword
  • Map
  • Armor
  • Eagle

There are red (creature) and green (adventure) cards. These cards depict scenes from the animated cartoon and have brief descriptions of what happens (much like talisman adventure cards).

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