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Mistfall: Heart of Mists


Blazej Kubacki

NSKN Games

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Gamebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Mistfall: Heart of Mists is a new stand-alone version of the popular Mistfall game. NSKN further develops the mystical world, and as in consequence, the new quests lead us to shadowy locations like the Hammerhone Inn or the Sealed Watchtower and let us meet famous heralds of the Mists like Velkar the Devourer. It also gives us more background stories in the Lore of the Mists, describes the origin and ancestries of all the six new heroes and other beings. As a result, if you are interested in Mistfall's history, Mistfall: Heart of Mists is definetly a must-buy. Additionally, the game also offer some interesting new game elements, so let us have a closer look:

As it is a stand-alone version, you can either use the game alone or you can combine it with the base game. For example, you can use heroes from Mistfall in Mistfall: Heart of Mists and vice versa. Knowing this, you will understand, that a lot of the rules are the same in both games. Therefore, if you are new to Mistfall, perhaps you should read my review about the base game first. However, some new quests and some abilities of the heroes will only work, if you introduce some rules of the new game, too.

The biggest difference for our heroes is the existence of allies. Each hero is allowed to take along one of these useful helpers from the start, but in return the time track is already moved one step further towards the end. Allies have a life of their own with attacking and defending values, resolve costs and life points. On their turn, the players gain an additional ally action to activate their allies. In the well known symbolic, the ally cards offer multiple actions like fast actions and reflexes. One of the biggest advantages of an ally is, that its card is always available for a hero. But an ally also can block any enemy attack. Instead of assigning damage to a hero, it can be taken by the ally. Not nice for the ally, but that's the fate of all minor subjects: They always have to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the heroes...

Mistfall: Heart of Mists also introduces a new method for the time progress. With the new time charter, the players can regulate the pace of the game. That is something I deeply missed in the base game, because my hero groups often entered the final boss fight unprepared. This does not mean that you can wander from place to place as you want (like in the old Talisman. The game still draws you merciless toward the end. But the time track at least gives you some degree of control of how fast this end will come to you. Since I have the new version, I always use this new element in the game.

Last but not least, Mistfall: Heart of Mists has a new reward system. As you will remember the quality of the rewards in Mistfall were a little bit too random. Sometimes the available rewards were not really useful to take, this also improves with the new reward system.

In the end, Mistfall: Heart of Mists is a worthy successor of Mistfall. The author has improved some of the minor nuisances of the original game and has also added new game elements that perfectly fit to the well-known game flow. The difficult level of Mistfall: Heart of Mists is a little bit easier or better: the players have more influence on the difficult level. In a variant, included in the rules, you can still change the difficult level, so that even veterans have a hard struggle to win the game. Both games of Mistfall are good the way they are, but I personally like the new one slightly better.

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