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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Ladybohn is a new variant of the rather popular Bohnanza-cardgame. After several other expansions, this new add-on from the original publisher AMIGO introduces the gender-aspect in the game. As a result, there now exist male, female and even baby beans for each type of beans in the game. However, the playing mechanism remains basically unchanged, so that a turn of a player lasts four phases:

  1. The active player plays one or two cards from his hand and "grows" the beans on his existing field.
  2. Trading and donating. Like in the original game, two cards from the common stockpile are taken by the player. With these and the rest of his cards on his hand, the player can trade with all other players. However, if one of the traded cards is a Baby bean, it is placed directly on the existing field of the player. Lady beans on the other hand guarantee a higher harvest and may be moved two positions on the field. So as you can see, it is quite important which type of bean is on top of a field when it comes to harvesting.
  3. The traded beans are grown on the fields in the next phase as in Bohnanza. Lady beans may move positions in this phase, too, if a Baby is placed on top of a field.
  4. The turn ends by drawing two new cards for the player's hand.

Harvesting is done in the same way as in Bohnanza, with the exception that the bean on top of a field always determines the rate of harvest. Because Lady beans have the highest income, it is advisable to harvest whenever a Lady bean is on top.

Ladybohn gives the game mechanism of Bohnanza a new tactical element and is therefore a development that influences the game concept enormously. This can be an advantage, but to my mind the game looses some of its speed and spontaneity. Therefore my favourite remains the original Bohnanza, although Ladybohn with its funny cards of Ladies and Babies surely is a must-have for me and all other true friends of Bohnanza. For a newcomer with ambitions to expand a game, Bohnanza is the better choice to start with, but for others - who only look for a single game - Ladybohn is a comparable alternative.


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