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Los Banditos from the publisher SCHMIDT SPIELE is a nice little game for 2 players. The game is one of the first of the new SCHMIDT SPIELE series called "EasyPlay" with easy and traditional orientated rules. However, technology has not stood still, and thus it is all the more astonishing that it is part of the new concept that the game rules are explained by a podcast video on the Internet site of the publisher. However, I think that in case of Los Banditos this method of learning the rules is a little bit unnecessary, because it is really easy to learn and the rules contain five different languages. Still, this enhanced possibilities to learn a new game by explanatory videos seem to become a trend for the future and so other publishers will follow this example.


In the game the players bid with dice for four different haul tokens that have a value (=victory points) between one and three. In his turn the player randomly draws two dice out of a bag and rolls them. These dice have four different colours. The player places every dice of the roll at one of the haul tokens, with a maximum limit of up to three dice on one token. His opponent does the same in his turn from the other side of the token. If there are three dices on both sides of a token or if a player cannot beat the other one any more then there is a scoring for this token. The player with the highest combination wins the haul, takes the token and a new token is put there instead.

The value of a combination of three dice is very similar to a Poker game. In ascending order there exist the following possibilities: a high dice, one pair, one pair of the same colour, a straight, three dices of a kind, a straight of the same colour, three dices of a kind and of the same colour.

The game ends when one player has won haul with a value of 10 or more. Los Banditos clearly takes advantage of the current hype for Poker games and variants. The game is very easy, but nevertheless it offers an interesting modification of the famous card game for two players. Of course exceptions concerning the strategic depth should not be too high, because in effect the game is very light Poker variant. I personally miss a little bit the real Poker feeling with the Poker face, because your opponent always can see the results of your rolls. So, there is no need for you to bluff, and bluffing for my taste is the most attractive element in Poker. But the game is a good way of learning the basic rules of Poker and then - if you like it - you still can switch over to the traditional Poker or some other variant. However, on the assets side the game only lasts 10 minutes and so is a very fast entertainment for gamers running low on time, and unlike Poker the game can be played by just two players.

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