Author: Stefan Dorra

Publisher: Kosmos 1997

Awards: none



This game for 3 to 4 players is settled on a īBazarī somewhere in an oriental Town called "MarraCash". The players each take the position of a trader at this Bazar, and it is their aim to make as much money as possible by bringing customers to their shops.

Each player starts with a capital of 1.200 Dirham, but at the beginning no one owns a shop in the city. So the first turn of the game starts with each player auctioning for shop in the city. When this phase is over, the real game starts. In his turn, each player may perform two actions. One action is to start an auction for another shop, the other is to move customers through the city in order to guide them to his shops.

The moving of the customers is the essential element of the game. The town itself has 3 entrances, through which groups of 2 to 4 customers of five colours enter the city. If a player decides to move a group of customers, he may move one group from one fountain in the city to the next one. Whenever this group passes an already autioned shop, which is in the colour of a customer, the customer enters the shop and the owner gets money for this: 100 Dirham for the first customer, 200 for the second etc. (up to 500 Dirham for each customer). If a player guides customers to the shop of another player, he gets a provision depending on how much the customer is worth. The game ends when no more customers are left to enter the town, and the player with the most money wins.

Also included to the game are some so-called "Souvenier-Cards". These cards depict items which can be bought in shops of each colour. During the game, always the uppermost two Souvenier-Cards are kept open, and when a customer enters a shop of the appropriate colour, the shop owner may take this card and has an additional income.

The game is played best if the full amount of four players participates. Careful planning is decisive, since the players can see which customers will enter the town next, and so it becomes important to invest in shops of the right colour. As always with games from Kosmos, the game-parts are very nice. All the customers are made from wood, and the other parts are sturdy carboard pieces. To my mind, the game certainly brings fun, since it is a real family-game. The rules are easy, which allows a very fast start into playing.

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