Author: Günter Cornett

Bambus Spieleverlag 1998

Awards: none



Up to 4 Inuit, the native people of the arctic, have build their Iglus at an enourmous iceberg to hunt for animals in order to survive. While they hunt, they must beware of cracks which are a sign for the iceberg breacking away, and only by good planning the Inuit will actually manage to get back to their Iglus bearing booty.

Each player starts the game at an Iglu of his choice, only having a harpoon with him. With the harpoons being their hunting equipment, the players leave the Iglus and start their hunt for different arctic animals. A player may move one space per turn, but he must always beware of the breaking ice, since he has to place a token showing a crack after each of his moves. These cracks are nearly impassable, thus the players will be more and more restricted in their movement.


When entering a space with an animal, the player will hunt it and take it with him to an Iglu, and there he may change it for equipment. Thus a player may acquire Huskies, a sled and a Kajak during the game. A Kajak may be used one to get over a crack, whereas Huskies and lsed can be used together to allow one double-movement. After the items have been used, they must be discarded and new ones must be traded in.

A playerīs movement may also be restricted by an Icebear. These fearsome creatures may only be avoided by throwing the harpoon, but the harpoon will be lost and a player will have to get a new one in an Iglu.

At the end, the player who has hunted the most valueable animals wins the game.

"Nanuuk!" is a very interesting tactic game without any element of luck. The players will have to think carefully where to move next and whether the will be able to hunt all the animals they want. Itīs very important to keep a close eye on all the other players in order to prevent being catched on a portion of Ice from where there is no way back to the Iglu. The game is handmade and comes with beautiful graphics, so that the playing pieces and the gameboard are looking quite fitting. It also has a short to medium duration, so that it doesnīt require a whole evening to play. With "Nanuuk!" the small publisher Bambus Spieleverlag succeeded to bring quite a gem to the strategical gaming scene.

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