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Pixie Queen


Rudy Seuntjens

Game Brewer

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Imagine you are a Pixie! One of the little ones, which duck one's head to every authority in the close proximity. Bad enough, but then imagine you additionally serve a mean and ugly queen (no, not the Pixie Queen from the counter, only the one in the game) who loves gold and silver and fresh food to her taste, but who does not in the least care for her subordinates. And all that you can expect from her, is not to be sent to the mines...

Pixie Queen lets us experience this tedious life. But it is not slavery, I had to learn. The guys at GAME BREWER assured that Pixies would love exactly this. So each player chooses a colour, takes a player screen (because we don't want to show other players what we already have collected for our holy queen) and takes 5 Pixies at the start of the game. The gameboard shows us the castle of the queen on the top and the village and the mines in the surrounding of the castle. All ways lead to the castle, but it is a long way, beginning in the mines and leading over several levels in the village. There are a lot of spaces where we can go with our Pixies, but once a space is occupied, we only can go there after we have shooed other Pixies away from this place. And we are only allowed to move to a higher level (and come nearer to our queen), if the queen is satisfied with us and allows us to promote. On the other hand, if the queen gets angry, your Pixies soon after turn up in the mines again.


On our turn we can do a lot of different actions. Most important to fulfil the queen's wishes is the theft of food and silver. Theft? Well, those Pixies although pitiful creatures themselves are also nasty. But what else can they do, if their queen demands apples in a round and a bread in the other? There is only one way: they have to steal from the humans in the village. But we can also trade goods and give our opponents the needle in many various ways. All in all we have 20 different actions, all well symbolized on the gameboard.

At the end of the round, it is time to offering our food, silver and gold to the queen. Silver and Gold are always interesting, but each round the queen demands something different to eat. This is done in a bidding round, in which every player takes resources from his supply in his hand. At a command all players simultaneously open their fists and then it is time for rewards and penalties. Of course, a player who has the most and the right type of resources scores most and Pixies promote to higher levels on their way to the castle.


I found Pixie Queen to be a wonderful worker placement game. The gameboard is quite impressive and there are so many different actions, that it surely will take some time to find the best strategy to prevent penalties. But of course, that's what your opponents will do too. There are some interesting twists. A lot of interaction and the one or other mean move will be consectaneous. Especially in the higher levels, close to the castle, the game forces players to interact due to limited spaces for the Pixies to go.

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