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Arno Steinwender

Rudy Games

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

In my youth Trivial Pursuit was the game everyone had in mind when he talked about boardgames. And still in our time I have a lot friends who only know one or two other games apart from Monopoly and Ludo. Trivial Pursuit is mostly among those games. And often this is enough reason for them not to play a new game with me, because they are fed up with the old knowledge game, and they cannot imagine that newer games have much more game depth and varieties to offer.

I personally don't like Trivial Pursuit myself. The main reason is that there is always one person who already knows a lot of the questions and easily wins the game. That is a big disadvantage of knowledge games. Of course there are nowadays a lot of newer versions of the game, but you still cannot prevent that the owner of the game has some advantages.

The German Quiz It wants to overcome these disadvantages and presents the fusty concept of the simple knowledge game in a modern hybrid shell. The solution for this is an app for your mobile phone that counts the score, chooses the questions and generally leads us through the game.

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But hybrid also means that there are still physical elements: first of all cards for bidding, a small circular game track with bonuses at specific spaces on the track and a small personal player board, where you administer your jokers and bonus markers that you can receive from the track.

The game itself is simple: the app reads out aloud the next question, all players bid from their available bidding cards, and the player who played the highest card gets the chance to answer the question. If he answers correctly, he scores, otherwise the player with the lowest victory points gets his or her chance.

Straightforward, nothing spectacular, but it works. The speakers in the app are entertaining and the questions are modern and often interesting. But the best is that the app remembers the questions you already solved. So, up to now, I have never heard a question twice. And more questions can be purchased, even now the first expansion is available.

Of course, the bidding cards are put aside after use, so it is not wise to play the highest card all the time. Also, there are more victory points in later rounds for a right answer, but also negative victory points if you fail.

[Quiz It] [Quiz It]

Now this is the main concept. The bonuses and jokers are used to alter the rules, for example there is a bonus for changing the order of the bidding cards, so that the lowest value wins the round. Furthermore there are special challenges at the end of each of the three rounds. Then all players take part in the same question: first the app gives us a close-up view of a picture and every player has to guess what it is. Then you must find a town on the world map and finally there is an estimation question, and only with good estimates you can win the final victory points.

You see: Quiz It is not something new or unexpected. But it is a great and modern new way to lead children (and the young at heart) to knowledge games. I normally try to keep my mobile phone away from the boardgame table, but with Quiz It it feels right to use it. I never thought that I would go back to those question games, but this game convinced me (and my family). Indeed, it is often on our table at the moment, and even my youngest son - although a lot of the questions are still too difficult for him - loves playing it. Thanks to RUDY GAMES for this unexpected experience!

One last word: at the moment there is only a German version available. As the game is strongly language-dependent, all player should speak or better understand German well.

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