Author: unknown

Krimsus Krimskrams Kiste

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In Saloon the players take part in one of those famous Saloon-Fightings with everybody hitting everybody. Each player has a number of consciousness-points, and in the end the only player with consciousness-points left has won the game. Players may hit each other by using their fists, they may throw inventory like bottles or chairs, or they might also try to hide for a while. Defenders on the other hand might try some kind of defensive-cards, and even the other players can join into a fight launched by two players, assisting the one or the other side. Finally, different kinds of events like the arrival of the Doctor also influence the outcome of the fight, and the outcome of the game remains unpredictable until near to the end.

Whereas Goldrush City (another cardgame by Krimsus Krimskarms Kiste) is a more strategical type of game with a playing duration of 1 to 2 hours, Saloon is much shorter to play and offers less strategy but much more player interaction. Saloon actually is a very funny game, and the options open to the players pretty well reflect the different kinds of events which might come in a Saloon-fight....

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