Author: Klaus Teuber

Publisher: Kosmos 1998

Awards: none



This box is an expansion-set for the classical Settlers of Catan Boardgame, containing two historical scenarios (Alexander the Great / Cheops) which may be played with Settlers. Different from the basic game, these new scenarios donīt use the normal Settlers-Gameboard constructed of Hexagons, but these scenarios come with a complete gameboard of their own. This gameboard (84cm * 56cm) has on one side the setup for Alexander and on the other side the setup for Cheops. These new gameboards allow to introduce new elements to the game....

Alexander the Great

In the Alexander-Game the players follow Alexander on his Conquests on a pre-defined route. From Western Asia (Turkey), this route first goes down to Egypt, then in a bend up to Iraq, crosses Persia and finally ends in western India. Each turn, the army of Alexander is moved forward one space. These spaces may be used for founding Settlements, or they may possibly contain a random event. If itīs a random event, it may be the building of a bridge or a monument, a battle or a catastrophe.

During the first part of the game the players get most of their resources by drawing them from a random pile. Settlements which may be founded along the route of Alexander donīt come into the game by paying their normal resource-costs. Instead, players have to bid resources and the player who bids most resources will get the settlement. If the random resource-pile is used up (after about a third of the game), the players finally may build roads and settlements following the standart Settlers-rules.

The game ends if Alexanders Army reaches Persepolis or if a player has reached enough Victory Points.


In the scenario the players assume positions as Noble Families from Ancient Egypt. As in the normal game, players first build Settlements, Cities and Ships (Note: Ship-markers and rules are included. The Seafarers-Expansion isnīt needed !). But soon the Pharao will disturb the building of the players, asking them to build him a Pyramid. Now the positions of the players on the gameboard will be crucial. Some players will have access to the woods and irons east of the Red Sea, whereas other players will have access to the place where the Pyramid will be built. Now the players have to barter, exchanging resources for the possibility to build a part of the Pyramid.

The player who actually has done most parts of the Pyramid will be rewarded by the Pharao. This proves to be a difficult task, since the players on the one hand have to build new settlements, whereas on the other hand they have to spend enough resources for the Pyramid. The leading player will be the "Pharaoīs Favourite". He gets two additional Victory Points, whereas the player who has done the fewest parts will be cursed by the Pharao and is substracted two Victory-Points. The game ends if the Pyramid is done or a Player has reached 12 Victory Points.

Note: You need a box of "The Settlers of Catan" to play these scenarios !

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