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Siege Storm


Marcin Swierkot

Awaken Realms

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G@mebox author Manuel Esser writes about the game:

It's one of the oldest battles. Good vs. evil, elves and do-gooders vs. the dark realm full of villains. In Siege Storm by Marcin Swierkot from AWAKEN REALMS you can be on either side. Choose a virtue and fight with your army against the enemies in an eternal war.

Siege Storm is a two-player collectible card game in which you advance with an army against your opponent. The concept of the game is quite simple, and the rules are quickly explained. Each player has their own hand cards to perform actions in every single round. Depending on the different possibility to use of these cards there are various outcomes and effects. The game ends immediately when one player has no more resources (in form of cards).

In the game, both players have three piles of resources cards that on the one hand are used to pay the costs of an attack and on the other hand to take new hand cards. Next to the resources the players have a track to build up the creatures with three spaces for the different development stages. Both the the resources piles as well as the creature development row are placed between the two players in such a way that there is still a row empty between the two creature rows. This is the fighting zone, with the frontline for both players and - between the two frontlines, the so called No Man's Land that can be occupied by both players. At the beginning the players start with four hand cards. As you will see, these cards are everything in this game.

The structure of all cards is the same: first we have the costs to use them, as well as an attack and a defense value. But there are also a lot of unique special actions. To use a hand card, you must pay the costs (from the still available resource cards. Once the cost has been paid, you can choose an action, execute it and after that discard the card. Of course the cardís cost dependg on the strength of the action. There are for example, dealing direct damage, drawing additional hand cards, kill a supporter or take a card from your opponent, just to mention a few actions. The other way is to use a card as a Creature, than the card is placed on the creature track, which consists of three levels. Every time a player starts his turn, a creature moves one step forward and so, it improves. All the time your Creature is still on the track, you can use a passive action (when you pay the costs of the card).

When your Creature has passed the battlefield (track), the player has a choice of three options: Storm, Hold Ground and Support. If Storm is chosen, the army rushes off and the Creature assaults the opponent by dealing damage and performing its action. In that case your attack ratio is compared with your opponentís defense ratio. This result either takes equal resources of your opponent out of play. Or you attack one of your opponent's Creatures in the frontline or in No Manís Land.

Hold Ground keeps a Creature on hold, for that it is played in the frontline of the player or to No Manís Land. Then the passive action of the Creature protects the player as long as someone kills your Creature with a storm action. But the Creature can also be used as a Supporter to help the other units in their attacks. This means that you can use the supporter once per turn to lower the costs of a card or an action. All cards, no matter how they were used, are out of play after their use or their defeat and send to the casualties pile.

After you have inflicted all damage, it's your opponent's turn to attack you. The actions of the two sides differ. When you play the good guys, the army of Seraphia, you are specialized in protection and healing. The card deck offers you opportunities to draw additional cards, and there are healers who can return cards from the casualties pile for you. If you prefer the evil guys, you take over the legion of destruction? Then you have a card deck that enables you to force the enemy to discard cards, freeze his tracks or prevent him from drawing new cards. As you can see, there are many ways to bring the pain to your enemy.

I found Siege Storm to be a simple game for in between that nevertheless reveals many possibilities. It also guarantees a lot of fun, there are a lot of unique cards to discover. Of course, luck plays an important role too. Especially the randomness while drawing new hand cards can be frustrating form time to time. But sometimes it is also great to be able to quickle counterattack the Creatures of your opponent.

I have played Siege Storm with many different opponents and I'll be happy to play it again. I can only recommend it for anyone who likes lovingly illustrated cards and entertaining collectible card games.

How do you want to join the battle? As the good guy or the pure evil? It's your choice to be the light or the doom.

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