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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

As everybody could see on the game convention in Essen, 2006 was a Munchkin-year. Munchkin was on display everywhere around the Pegasus-booth, featuring a lot of different stand-alone variants and, of course, a lot of expansions as well. And Super Munchkin was one of these.

The question is: Is Munchkin without the classical fantasy elements the same in terms of fun and playing atmosphere? Yes, it is! You only have to exchange all the monsters by real dangerous Super-rogues and Super-knaves and here you go! Of course the Munchkin-heroes become super, too, and will get much more effective weapons like shooting shoes and an electro-mento-hat. Besides, the Munchkins now can learn Meta-abilities like flying.

Of course Super Munchkin can be mixed with other Munchkin games as usual. Then it is possible to play a Mutants-Mutant or to have a talking car with a wizard, and thus the game becomes really freaky (well, that's always the aim of Munchkin…).


Now you probably want to ask me, whether it is really necessary to buy Super Munchkin in case you already possess 10 other boxes of Munchkin. Well, yes, this expansion, too, is a Must-have (otherwise you probably are no real Munchkin). You must have all variants, of course. I suppose you did not believe that Super Munchkin would vary the game mechanism extremely, didn't you? Otherwise I would have to disappoint you. Let's say it in other words: Either you love Munchkin, and then you will love Super Munchkin, too, or you don't, and so the variant will not have a chance to persuade you. Okay? A last word to newcomers to Munchkin: It is really not important which variant you try. Only beware of buying the expansions before you have the first variant, okay?

Oh sorry, I must hurry back to help my Techno fighting a slime-catapult. See you later….

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