Author: unknown

Publisher: MB 1975

Awards: none



Brian Bradford (USA) writes about the game:

TANK BATTLE--Came out in 1975. 2 players. Comes with 6 miniature (about 10mm scale) sherman tanks and 6 panthers. Each side has a miniature headquarter, fuel and ammo dump and 5 miniature antitank guns. The board is square-grided, 10 x 10 row, with numbers in each corner ranging from 1 to 100. Each player has a artillery plotter in front of them.

To win you must destroy all the opponents tanks. Each turn players take turns moving their tanks; you must move 6 spaces with your tanks, but this may be distributed between your six tanks; though no single tank may move more than 3 spaces in a turn. Movement is left, right, or forward, never diagonal or backward.

In the meantime your oponent has plotted 6 artillery shots, basicly placing a colored peg in the plotting grid where you wish the round to fall. After plotting, the other side moves their tanks. Once finished, the other side checks to see if any tanks are destroyed by artillery--a direct hit kills the tank.

Tanks adjacent antitank guns may be fired at. A player has 5 shots for doing this. To shoot, call the target and spin a wheel--it says hit or miss. Tanks adjacent to one another may combat, each side reveals their rank (each tank is fitted with a rating befor play) Outcome is like stratego, highest wins.

Players try to knock out the HQ, fuel and ammo, because by doing so you lesson the enemies fighting ability. Loosing the ammo limits a players artillery shots from 6 to how many tanks he has. The loss of the fuel dump causes a player to have only 4 movements. Loss of the HQ destroys the special "mines" a player has--each player has two which he record secretly on paper. Any installation is destroyed by ending a tanks turn in its square.

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