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Whoosh: Bounty Hunters


Theo Mavraganis

Artipia Games


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G@mebox publisher Frank Schulte-Kulkmann writes about the game:

Defending their village from a horde of incredibly cuddly monsters, the player try to become the most effective monster hunter by collecting as many monster cards as possible, and this happens in form of a real-time dexterity game.

In the middle of the table are three monster cards available for the hunters, and each of the monsters possesses a combination of weapon symbols which is needed for its capture. In front of each player lies a hidden deck of weapon cards, and one player at a time one card is turned over and placed openly on the table. When a combination of weapon cards becomes available for slaying a monster, the first player to slap his hand on the fitting monster card ("whoosh") will gain that card, removing with it all weapon cards revealed. A new monster is added and the procedure will continue, until the deck of monsters is used up.


However, there are a few refinements to give the player a hard time in their job as bounty hunters, and so some of the weapon cards actually show broken weapons which can easily be mistaken for their undamaged counterparts. In addition, the weapon card decks also contain a sorcerer's staff, and this effectively serves as a joker, allowing a player to replace one other needed weapon. Keeping these factors in mind, a player actually may act too rashly, and if he slaps a monster ("whoosh") which cannot yet be captures, he will also get the card but must keep it face down to count for negative points at the game's end.

Short, funny and incredibly cute. Theo Mavraganis's debut game certainly has not the degree of sophistication included in last year's Dungeon Rush, but on the other hand it must be kept in mind that Whoosh: Bounty Hunters doesn't want to be strategic. It's short time entertainment, and Nicole and me really had a good laugh during the 10 minutes of play.

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