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For a game to succeed in the international market, you should not underestimate the importance of an adequate translation of the rules! However, many a small game publisher may shy away from the high fees charged by professional translation services - this is why Kulkmann's G@mebox now offers high standard translations on reasonable rates especially for small publishers!

[Rules Translations]Nicole Schulte-Kulkmann from Kulkmann's G@mebox is a native German speaker and offers English/German as well as German/English translations of your games' rules. Albeit she is not a professionally trained translator, she has gained a great deal of experience of writing in English and translating during her work-live: She is a political scientist and frequently writes and publishes in English. Moreover, she is quite familiar with the whole 'games' terminology and certainly has a rather good feel for how to convey a game's spirit through the rules.

We offer you full translations of your English games' rules into German and vice-versa. In case you already have your games' rules translated into English or German, we also offer to revise and edit these translations.


  • Guns & Steel (full translation)
  • Dark Age Z (English revision)
  • Alien Frontiers (basic translation)
  • King of Chicago (full translation)

Please contact Nicole for more details!

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