The Flames of Khazla

An article from White Dwarf No.186



Just ahead of the Warriors the corridor turns sharply, and nestled in the corner is a small shrine. An ornate brazier burns continuously with multi-coloured flames that occasionally leap up to the ceiling.

Special Quests: The Flames of Khazla Card is normally mixed into the Dungeon Deck. Unless otherwise noted in the Special Quest description, the Warriors play out their adventure exactly as written in the Adventure Book. The main difference is the bonus rewards that you get for completing the Special Quest. This may be extra gold or additional Treasure cards - the details are noted in each special Quest description.

Many rumours abound concerning the fabled Flames of Khazla. The origins of these small shrines are lost in the mists of ancient history. However, many bold adventurers claim that they do indeed exist and your Warriors have heard a rumour that one of these mystical sanctuaries is within the dungeon they are heading for. Shuffle the Flames of Khazla card in with the rest of the Dungeon Deck. Roll a dice to see which of the Flames of Khazla Special Quests is rumoured to be found within the dungeon.

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