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This page is dedicated to the boardgame Talisman. It was produced by Games Workshop in the Mid-80's, and today many players around the world value Talisman to be the best Fantasy-boardgame ever produced. Here you will find details on the game itself, but you also have the possibility to download many new cards and rules for the game. I have also put up a waysign which will direct you to the most essential other Talisman-pages in the Web.

TALISMAN IS BACK - and it's better than ever !!!


After years of waiting, TALISMAN has come back! First released by Black Industries (a GW subsidy) in Fall 2007, the whole TALISMAN-line now has been licensed to FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES. Giving the game only some minor changes, the spirit of the old versions has been kept! So click here if you want to learn more about the new 4th edition of Talisman



Review of the REAPER Expansion!

[IMAGE] In Talisman, you assume the role of 1 of 14 Fantasy-characters and travel through a mystic world in order to discover magic artefacts. Your character grows stronger and wiser by discovering new items, meeting new companions and by fighting against the many evil monsters which populate the world of Talisman. In the end, when you think that your character is strong enough, you might try to solve the voyage to the Crown of Command. If you should succeed the ardous journey, you must take the Crown and use it to defeat all the other players. The game contains a large variety of random cards like events, monsters, followers, gold and other objects and you can also buy equipment like swords, shields, helmets or mules. Furthermore, each character has different abilities for different game situations. Due to the high number of available cards, no two games are alike, and many events can happen to the players while on their journey.


However, if just playing Talisman means fun, itīs even better to have the extension-sets:

Talisman - The Expansion: More characters and random cards.

Talisman - The Dungeon: The pile of random cards is boosted by some portal cards which allow the players to enter a new board which contains a dungeon. Here the players travel through the dungeon in order to reach the Treasure Room which contains a Teleport which might bring them to the Crown of Command. Also some new characters are included.

Talisman - City: The City on the edge of the Mainboard becomes a whole new board. The cahracters can travel in this city, having the possibilities of buying a large variety of new equipment, earning money by doing jobs of becoming a city-character like Sheriff, Master-Thief etc...

Talisman - Timescape: Mystical "Warp Gates" now can magically be opened, allowing the characters to travel to another board - The Timescape. Here they can fight even greater monsters but they can also earn great rewards. 8 Timescape-Characters like Archeologist, Scientist and Space Marine (!) are included together with even more equiment.

Talisman - The Adventure: This box I hunted down for three years. It contains not only new random cards, charcters and character sheets, but also a set of 6 different endings for the whole game. The Crown of Command: is replaced by a ending-card, which is revealed when one character reaches the final space. Now characters might face a huge dragon, fall into the horrible black void or might find Pandoraīs Box full of mystical gadgets

Talisman - The Dragons: This box contains about 80 adventure cards (many dragon-enemies and items) which must be shouffled into the adventure deck, and also 4 special Dragons-Characters (Dragon Priest, Dragon Rider, Questing Knight and Berserker Dwarf) are included. This was the last expansion-set for the 2nd edition of Talisman and it had a very low circulation number, so that it is very hard to find a copy of the Dragons today.


Unfortunately, the old Talisman-Edition was taken from the market by Games Workshop. It was replaced around 1994 by 4 new boxes (Mainbox, City of Chaos, Dungeon of Doom, Dragons-Tower). The graphics in these are more in the modern Games-Workshop-Style, and I personally dislike the whole design of the 3rd edition. However, it turned out that gameplay in the 3rd edition is much more streamlined and that the game loses some of itīs rule-problems. An important fact is also that the 3rd ed. expansion-boxes ARE compatible with the old edition of Talisman and can be used together with it. However, today even the 3rd edition is out-of-print for years.

Finally, I should mention that there once where "Talisman-Miniatures" from Citadel available. These pewter-miniatures were modeled after the images on the character-cards, and properly painted these figures add even more atmosphere to the game.


Since Talisman is out of print for almost 10 years now, many interesting expansions are quite impossible to find or are sold at very high prices. However, I was able to secure official permission from Games Workshop to present a few of these long lost items here on my webpage...

In 1993, the realm of Talisman was haunted by an horde of Dragons led by an evil Dragon King who took over the Crown of Command. In the expansion-set The DRAGONS the players could go on Dragon Hunt, but only a few players were ever lucky enough to lay their hands on this expansion. Published part by part, you will find the Dragons Expansion here! (I am often asked whether more Dragon-cards will come - of course they will, but I am always a bit short of on time so it may still take a while...)


Years ago, when Talisman was still young, Games Workshop released some additional cards and charcters in their House-Magazine White Dwarf. Rumored to be lost forever, Kulkmannīs G@mebox now is proud to offer you these cards in cooperation with Games Workshop. All you have to do is print them out....

In the middle of the 1980's Games Workshop considered how to best enter the market in France. Before the coming of the White Dwarf Magazine, there were six issues of a magazine called Heraut Citadel (Citadel herald). Being known to many Talisman players much later and so far considered lost, one of these issues contained two additional Talisman Characters and four Adventure cards. Thanks to the assistance of Talisman-fan Jean-Marie from France, Kulkmannīs G@mebox now can offer you the lost Heraut Citadel Cards!


Do you dare to begin a voyage back in the History of the World of Talisman ? Thousands of years ago a great civilization ruled the world, and now the grave of their greatest King has been found. Visit the Pyramid of Kulkencamun in search of his fabulous riches, but beware of the dangers awaiting you in every corridor !


Click here to enter the Pyramid !


Have you lost all faith in ever finding the Crown of Command ? Are some monsters on your trail, trying to kill you ? Go and visit King Falladirīs Castle, a place of hope and light in the chaotic world of Talisman. Only there the law is obeyed, and perhaps the King himself will grant you some help on your quest...

Castle Board

Click here to enter the Castle !


Do you think you have seen all of the regions? Is everything known to you and do you meet nobody new in the neighbourhood? Well, then you have not been to the WILD parts of the Kingdom, and thus it is definately time for you to learn more about the Wilderness Set, a beautiful expansion with 60 new Adventure cards designed by Carsten Booth! But beware, the wild growning Plants may be more dangerous than you would have expected!


Click here for the unknown WILDERNESS !


Something happens in the Deep!

The rumors are spreading fast! Some bold adventurers have visited the Dungeon, but instead of finding the fabled Door to the Crown of Command they have broken through a wall leading even deeper into the bowels of the Earth...

No doubt, they have found the death-trapped Deeper Dungeon, tomb of the elditch Kulk-Lord. But what will be discovered? Is the Kulk-Lord still haunting these dark corridors? Are his unmeasurable treasures real of fiction? No doubt we all will listen well in the weeks to come for any news from that uncanny realm...

Click here to join the exploration !!!

Expansion is still unfinished!!!


Are you bored of the Old World ? Do you think that you need to get on an extraordinary adventure ? Then JOIN THE NAVY ! In the new expansion "Captains and Privateers" you will be able to sail the Seven Seas of Talisman, searching for fortune and facing incredible dangers !




Attention Citizens !

Intruder Alert ! Intruder Alert ! Intruder Alert !

We are under attack by a Horde of Mutant Commie Invaders from Sector Outside ! I repeat: We are under attack by a Horde of Mutant Commie Invaders from Sector Outside !

Special Troubleshooter Teams will be dispatched to deal with this menace, so please stand by and cooperate with the Security Forces. Internal Security Troopers are under strict order to terminate any Commies and Traitors on sight! Please Cooperate!

Have a nice Daycycle!


Click here to enter Alpha Complex !


Too small a village ? Loving Town Life ? Well, here you go - a brand-new Village gameboard ! I am proud to announce that you may actually visit a new Village. Coming from Talisman "Star Designer" Carsten Both, here it is: "Talisman - The Village" !


Click here to retrieve the Village and the cards and here for the rules !


Now introducing 3rd edition Expansions !

I am proud to offer with THE ISLE OF POSEIDON by STEVE BAILEY the first in a row of 3rd edition expansions for downloading.

Being fed up with the prices the official 3rd edition expansions fetch at Ebay, Steve decided to start creating expansions of his own, and thus you will find here a board and cards which will add perfectly to the 3rd edition game of Talisman.

The new expansion will lead the players out onto the unknown seas, with a promise of great rewards but also with many unknown dangers. By the way: Steve is eager to know what players think about his expansion, so please take the opportunity and write him an email after having a look at it!

Bon voyage!



Click here to download THE ISLE OF POSEIDON ! (2.6 MB)

After the success of THE ISLE OF POSEIDON, I am happy to announce that STEVE BAILEY has finished another of his great-looking expansions for the 3rd edition basic game. Thus, after taking the players out onto the wild ocean, the new STAFF OF RA expansion now challenges the players with tasks and monsters of Ancient Egypt...

By the way: Steve is eager to know what players think about his expansion, so please take the opportunity and write him an email after having a look at it!

Happy exploring!



Click here to download THE STAFF OF RA ! (6.2 MB)


Apart from the bigger Expansion sets which you find above, I also have a number of smaller Expansions which I can present for you. Just browse through the different headings presented below - I am sure you will find one or the other interesting card...


You want to know if you miss something ? Or you are looking for some new rules to spice up you games. You have found the right section: Visit the lists of components and a FAQ, or go to rules discussions and submissions from many Talisman-players. I have included some parts from the Talisman-FAQs. They are monthly published at rec.games.board.

Improving Talisman:

Some time ago there was an interesting discussion about improving Talisman at rec.games.board. I think the tips given in this discussion were valueable playing aids and thus I decided to publish as much of this discussion as was left on my harddrive. Note: These informations are given in *.txt format, since I didnīt want to html-ize all of them.

Various Variant Rules:

Send me your submissions !


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